Christine Arnobit. This is my happiness, sadness, excitement, and anger in one year described in words. Witness it.

51. February 20, 2012

I was awoken by Sin’s text to drop me, her and Kit at McLaren for the BBQ/Flag burning thing. lol.

I got dressed quickly and picked them up. She gave me a Hello Kitty ice pack.. LOL.

We got lost, and my head was hurting but we got there eventually. Jay was taking forever, he got there at 12, when he was supposed to be there at 9:30. LOL.

We played Slap Jack though. I kept losing so I had to do these bets that Tracy made. Like humping a tree for 1 minute, and stick a football up my ass. ugh. lol. they took videos. bitches.

Then MSGT made me grill the hotdogs and it was burning my eyes, i started crying. LOL.

We ate and stuff. 

Then we just played stuff, like “forks” which is spoons because we didnt have spoons. LOL.

and then we burned the flag for proper disposal and stuff, there was an awkward silence and i wanted to laugh the whole time. LOL.

yayyyy we played ninja

yayayayayya i love ninja


Then Sin, Serena, Kit and I went to Faith’s house, stood there, and Serena and Sin started singing. LOOOL.

Then later, we went down Mansell to the bus stop, and Austin, Tony, and Escobar passes us in a car and I’m like, “wow, they don’t give us a ride, okay” and Serena was like, “thats all you care about. LOL.” LOL. They come back around and talk to us though. HEY IM TALLER THAN TONY. not really. LOL.

Then we go to Stones. Serena really wants to buy shoes though, so she goes everywhere to buy some. LOL.

Then they come over to my house, and we watched Tangled, I cooked them hella food though, and peeled hella tangerines for Sin. LOL.

After Tangled ended, they wanted to watch another movie, and Serena was eager to watch Secretariat. LOL. “HORSIES!” They like, start crying, and the movie just started, and they claim that it was cos someone died already. Later, Sin beckons me over to sit near her and watch it with them while she makes me play with her hair. LOL. Every time I let go, she’d make me play with her hair more so I guess my hands were kinda occupied. LOL. I turned all the lights off to raise their tensions. LOL. So I kept playing with Sin’s hair, then Serena’s mom came and they left.

And yea.

I’m lazy now.

Nighttt. Biatchs.

50. February 19, 2012

When I woke up, Sin was awake too and she didn’t wanna go to blicks or what the fuck ever anymore so I was like omg wtf I got outta bed for nothing, so she said she wanted to do something else.

We were gonna go to Chinatown though.

I bought her another drink and went to her house.

Her dad and Kit came out when I got there. She opened the door for me though. but she disappeared LOL.

I was kinda iffy about going into her room so I sat in her garage for a little. But then Kit and her dad came so I kinda ran in her room LOL.

We just talked about where to go and stuff but she didnt wanna go to Chinatown no more, she wanted to go on Mission.

She left me again and came back and said that we have to sneak out of her house to go to Mission. Wtf. LOL. 

Then later, when her parents and Kit leaves, we just go into her kitchen and watch The Voice, but then she doesn’t wanna go to Mission anymore so we sit there for like 3 hours watching The Voice. LOL. Jerianne says she didn’t wanna come at first but she came anyway

She summons me into her room while she stays there and I open the door for Jerianne and we all just talk and stuff.

And later we just watch some shit on our itouchs LOL.

Then Serena texts me and Sin at the same time asking if we wanna watch The Vow, but she doesn’t want to so I just go with Serena instead.

The Vow was good but the ending makes me wanna punch it in the face.

We took some 3D glasses from the disposal boxes and watched Journey 2. LOL.

It was good. Maybe because Josh Hutcherson was in it. MMMM. Hotness.

Then after that, we go outside and talk by the fountain. It was a good talk, funny talk actually.

Then we went home.

The flag burning and the BBQ is the next day thouuugh.

49. February 18, 2012

I got on xbox and played with Jasmine and Jay.

I decided to go to Jasmine’s house because us three were gonna go eat pho.

I asked Sin to come, and bribed her by buying her taho drink.

SHE TOOK FUCKING LONG. So we just left her and i drank her thing. LOL.

We went to Jay’s house and I peed then we went to dat shit.

Hella fun tho, we went to giant scoop and baht sum ice cream. hella good. we just talked. it was ffunny though.

we went back to jay’s house and just played xbox til my mom came. LOL.

48. February 17, 2012

oh shit brigade ball.

i woke up and angela and jasmine messed with my phone and ipod.


we ate breakfast.

i took a shower.

and shaved :D

and me and jasmine took a fuckin nap.

they painted my nails.

angela lin came over!!!! i missed her so much.

i got my eyebrows waxed on mission.

angela’s sister did my make up. and i got dressed in angela’s dress and stuff.

my mom picked me up and dropped me off at stones cos stephanie picked me up. ernalyn was there too. her dad accidentally called stephanie, jennifer. LOL. her dad was talking to me and ernalyn about filipino stuff though

when we got there i hung out with wash for a bit, then back to stephanie and ernalyn, and back to wash, but then i ran back to them because i saw someone. LOL.

jerianne finally fuckin came!! we got in doe and me, her, sin and ashley waited in coat check. jc hit me hella hard, ow shit. then uh.

i went into the thing and took steven to take pictures with me. idk how we got to the front though. but the package thing was like 27 bucks and i was like oh hell no! so i took sin and ashley from the back of the line to take pictures with us and stuff.

fucking dry as fuck songs.

battalion picture, angie was freaking out because she thought she’d miss the sabers  because shes battalion queen





brigade ball you fucking suck this year.

47. February 16, 2012

School was okay.

I was still sick as fuck.

Voice kept cracking.

Practice was terrifying. Angela, Jeffrey and Reymund came out of no where. They waited for me.

Left practice early.

Walked around the school with them Lincoln bitches. Met Sin, Serena, and Jerianne at the bus stop.

Jerianne’s going to Tanfo.

Serena and Sin are going to Sin’s house.

I’m going to Angela’s house.

Reymund goes home.

Me, Jeffrey, Angela, Sin and Serena go to Walgreens.

I decide to go with Sin and Serena.

We walk to her house.

We watched TV and had a feast before we started.

Later, Sin put on her make up and stuff and so did Serena. And fake eyelashes = 100% human hair. Scary.

Got hella tired. Sin and I fell asleep. Serena blew in my ear and drew on me.

I laid on Serena’s bed with Sin and tried to sleep but her leg was ero-ing me.

Sin, Serena and I talked about stuff. I gotta take care of Sin’s brother in BDT. Ok, deal. I played with Sin’s thumb. I love her thumb. I’m gonna marry her thumb. That’s so creepy. I like her thumb so much though omg. LOL. She’s like double jointed so yea. Its hella funny.

We went home.

I went to Angela’s house and Jasmine was there.

I ate a burrito.

Angela laid out the thing and I fell asleep right there.

46. February 15, 2012

i don’t remember what happened.

school was okay. hm.

i had practice.

jerianne sin and angie waited for me.

we went to serramonte.

my mom dropped us home.

45. February 14, 2012

I woke up to Sin texting me about how she feels worse and that vibration fucking set off a huge ass fucking headache for me and I had a stomach ache too. AND my throat hurt hella badly.

Sin wasn’t going to school. So I felt the emptiness, and quietness already.

I actually went to Advisory today. Ms. Sullivan gave me soda. She made us write about who we love most. I don’t have a lover, so I wrote about my closest friends. I wrote about Sin, Jerianne, and Jay. She decided to read it to the class… but i had quite a secret about Jay in there so I was scared but this is what she read, “Dear Ms. Sullivan, I think you are the best teacher ever. I wish we could hang out sometime, Love Christine” and she was like, “okay… Christine..” and I was like, “WAIT THAT’S NOT ON THE PAPER!” LOL.

In first period, we had PT so I slept in the gym, then Calvin woke me up-ish. and Faith came so I talked to her for a bit and then went with Calvin and Anthony to the weight room and they talked about some funny shit that I forgot. LOL.

And in passing period, I asked Serena for more pills, me, Calvin, and Selena asked her. HAHAHAHAHA.

I gave the flowers to ma lovely, beautiful little valetine, Ula Fan. LOOOL.

In 3rd period, we worked on our THG tribute drawings and stuff and Faith was going loco with the perfectionist thing. LOL.

Then lunch came and I hung out with Serena and Alice and talked about my newest crush. LOL. fuck.

I was dizzy as fuck.

I felt like shitting my heart out.

We went to the RO room and Ula and her friends left and a couple minutes later, she came back with a flower pen for me. LOOL. <3 

I went outside and Jerianne paid for her Above the City Lights ticket already, WHAT THE FUCK. So Ernalyn passed by and I asked her and she said she’d pay with me for a date. 

Jerianne keeps calling Ula and Ernalyn a homie hopper because of me now. LOL.

I went home though. I ate for 5 minutes and went to sleep. When I woke up, it was 4:00 and I felt wonderful but my throat hurt hella badly. Oh well, I didn’t need it for practice so I went to school anyway.

Halfway there, I wanted to go back home -________________-..

I still went. I came at like 5:30 cos I walked so slow to the 14 stop from the samtrans that I came so late.

Jay and DP were coming my way when I got to the front of the school. I ran up to Ula and I presented her a bag that said, “box”. it was full of chocolate kisses. I was like, “Ula, I got you a box of kisses! I lurrrv yewww” LOL. I had the most terrible voice ever though. Stephanie was like, “honey are you okay?” and I was like, ….honey.. LOOL. honey im home! HAHAHAHAH. She offered to give me a ride to Brigade Ball though.

DP had a dinner thing so Jay went back to the dungeon with me and me, him, Alex, and Jerianne talked for like an hour or so and we all left. They didn’t wanna go to the game with us, (neither did I but Jerianne wanted to) and I felt like ko-ing there. But to keep me awake, I talked about something. 

My mom picked me up and we had a dance party in the car. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Holy shit. Fun.

44. February 13, 2012

I woke up with a piercing headache and went to school anyway.

At lunch, I got some food from the cafeteria and passed by the main office to go to the RO room, but I was halted by Selena who told me to buy my Above the City Lights tickets today, but I told her I was gonna buy it tomorrow and Ula came out and said, “oh, its Valentine’s day tomorrow?” and I went, “Yea! Wanna be my valentine?” So I guess Ula’s my valentine.

I couldn’t really take my headache anymore so when Serena was like giving me a massage, I started to cry and Jenny and Crystal came and tried to do that thing Ms. Wright taught us but it didn’t work. I didn’t realize Sin was sitting right in front of me til she asked me if I was ok. Lol.

I asked Serena for more pills and I took em and they went away after school, but came back after practice.

During practice, however, Jay was teaching me how to do the lil aerial tosses and I kept doing it wrong, causing me to hurt myself, and him. LOL. My bad, Jay. My bad.

Then after, Jerianne said we weren’t going to Serramonte anymore so I was confused on where to go. I took my stuff, and went out of the dungeon and called Jasmine cos I didn’t know where to go and passed Sin, Michael and Kit up. Sin was calling out to me but I couldn’t hear her. She called out louder and I was like, “fuck. her voice.” So I just stayed with her til she didn’t need me anymore. We both didn’t know what to do though. We went to the bus stop and Angie was there and Jerianne came and she said she was gonna go to Angie’s house. So Sin asked me if I wanted to eat somewhere, but Angie asked us if we wanted to come over too so we accepted.

We went to Safeway first and bought some stuff. I got really dizzy so I held on to Sin for a while and she went away so I bought some soy milk to see if it made me all cool.

We ran for the 14.

When we got on, Kenneth was on the bus too. Sin didn’t pay, neither did I but I used the fare that I had from the day before, but Sin got scolded and I kept giving her my dollar but she wouldn’t take it, then she moved to the back, and Kenneth got off and paid with his Clipper card twice. I was wondering why though. I realized until later that he paid for her…. shit. feeling bad though.

We got off and went to Angie’s house and we watched Monsters Inc. and Mark came up and told us how it was haunted so I got scared to get my milk and backpack. LOL. Then they made pasta and we watched Pirates of the Carribean. Then Sin and I left cos my mom came to pick us up.

Sin plugged her ipod to the auxiliary cord and when she turned it on, her tiny tower scared the shit out of me and my mom. LOL. Then we all went homeee. yay.

 Not the best day ever, but it was decent.

43. February 12, 2012

Happy birthday Ariel!

I woke up and we had to leave so I changed and we picked up JR.

We cracked up hella stupid jokes about the songs I was playing though. LOL.

There was a car crash in the middle of the freeway so there was hella traffic in San Pablo. JR: All I heard was San Pablo. 


We went to Wal-Mart and I stole some Almond Joy and ate em because I was a hungry mother fucker. JR told me to at least pay for it and stuff. He kept asking me if I felt bad, I did but I was hungry!!! LOL. Sin posted this one video on my Facebook wall and she texted me telling me that I should watch it. It was the girl that we were looking at in the picture. She has the most annoying voice. fuck. Sin was right. LOL.

I bought two Hunger Games related books. The Tribute Guide and this one parody of the book. LOL. Its pretty funny. But stupidly funny.

When we went to Ate Angeline’s house, Tita Irene said how she saw me on TV for the parade but really, they didn’t because they were just playing with me. We ate some hamburgers and Ate Justine was telling us about her ghost stories and I almost teared up. D:

JR, Ariel and I went to play basketball but before I left, Tita Irene saw my red hair and I thought she’d get mad, instead she said she liked it. LOL.

We were playing 2v1 for a while, Me and ariel vs. JR and stuff. I took my shoes off because I didn’t wanna play in TOMS. There were these guys on the other court who sucked ass and JR wanted to play with them but we didn’t. Ate Angeline and Jericka came and they watched us, but my feet were hurting so I put my shoes on, and the first thing that happened, I slipped, so I took em off again. LOOOL.

Ate Angeline played for a while and after, two of the boys on the other court came and asked JR and Ariel to play so I took a video but then one of the boys left so it was 2v1 and it was boring. So Ariel sat out and JR played with the cocky fat kid and the fat kid was so mad at JR that he didn’t even try to beat him. LOL. fucking bitch. I didn’t like him. Ariel’s friend came so it was 2 on 2 but JR was on the fat kid’s team this time. LOL. I kept making fun of him to Ate Angeline and Jericka though. He kept kissing JR’s ass. Not literally but yea.

We went back and I ate and showed Ate Angeline and Jericka these videos and yea, then we ate some of Ariel’s cake and stuff. Ate Adie talked about how someone wanted a extra medium jacket… LOOOOL.

Then we went into the game room thing and we played generic Where’s Waldo? while Jericka and Ariel played boxhead. LOL. Then later, Ate Adie was playing Social Girl on my ipod, Ate Angeline was on her ipod, Ariel and Jericka were still playing, and me and JR were throwing around his To Kill A Mockingbird book around. LOL. Then we left and I left my earphones again. Maaaan.

42. February 11, 2012

I was supposed to meet up Stephanie at Yerba Buena with her friend to go to the parade but I went to school instead. My mom picked me up, and Jay asked me for a ride so we picked him up and she dropped us off at school.

When we got there, he said that one of us might have to replace Sin with the cymbal playing in the parade. Not much people were there yet. I asked Ivan if I could play cymbal but he said I wasn’t wearing the right attire so I asked Jerianne if I could borrow a relax fit inside the supply room and I just got one.

Ivan said I could play if I learned how to play some songs in one hour. We were leaving in one hour. Vicky P. taught me how to play some songs, I think I got OMB down, its pretty easy o.o… Then Ivan said that he’d have to hear me play before we leave and I kept messing up so he just told me to just play on beat at the parade and not play nothing and look stupid so I agreed to that.

Karina’s mom drove the girls and her dad drove the guys. We waited at the place for like an hour until Galileo came and told us that we had to be in section 8 with all the other JROTC’s. hahahaha. Yay cymbals doe yayayayayaay. Lincoln came, then Lowell, then i think wash. The brigade kept moving us around and I didn’t understand til we finally got on the street lol. 

We were like right in front and some people popped some fireworks for hella long that I couldn’t cover my ears cos I was holding cymbals, so I put those over my ears. When they finished, I couldn’t stop coughing I felt like I was suffocating.

But yea, when we actually started marching I was having fun with the cymbals. LOL. In the middle of the parade, Steven ran past me and went like, “CHRISTINE!!! CHRISTINE!! HAAY. CHRISTINE” but I couldn’t look at him so he was like, “AW COME ON FINE” LMAO.

So like, later, we were like waiting under this bridge for hella long and they made Lowell Drum Corps come next to us and I was like, “man, I’m on the edge, therefore, THEY’RE GONNA BE- OMG THEY’RE RIGHT NEXT TO ME. SO SCARY” in my head. LMFAO. When we started playing, I was like, ha. take that lowell. HA. LOL.

There was the judge’s stand and stuff but we had to just walk right past it, we didn’t stop or anything. maaaan. sucks.

Then we followed MSGT to this corner. Drum Corps took pictures, and then everyone who went took pictures too and then MSGT had to go to some place to get his car and stuff. So we were bored. We started playing some songs, I picked up the cymbals and started playing too. We played the CNY parade routine, and some other songs. When we finished the CNY routine again, Sin pushed me and I was like, “WTF OMG SCARED ME. YOU’RE OKAY!!” and yea. LOL. We played a lot more times and there were these hippies like break dancing to one of our songs. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. they were like, “MAN PLAY ONE MORE. DON’T STOP. PLEASE. DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND DON’T STOP.” LMAAAAO. omg.

After they left, Mahorian pulled me aside and told me to go with him to Westfield to meet Sin, Kit, Serena, and Jerianne and them up so I gave the cymbals to Alex and ran over to Westfield with him. THERE IS TOO MUCH FUCKING PEOPLE HOLY CRAP. PISSED ME OFF. 

When we got to Westfield, Michael sir was there and we stayed with him for a while because the girls wouldn’t answer their phones. Then he left so Mahorian went to the bathroom and I called Serena. THEY WERE AT FUCKING NORDSTROM OKAY. BITCH. LOOKING AT MF SHOES. So we went up there and I saw Serena right away. I got tired of looking at shoes with her so I sat with Sin and Kit. Alice was buying shoes. Sin’s voice. holy shit. Sin’s voice. It sounded like she was dying. I didn’t wanna talk to her cos of that. I didn’t want her to talk. Jerianne and Alyssa came and Mahorian stayed with her.

We all went to Mrs. Fields and we lost Serena and Alice. Alyssa and Jerianne were buying cookies, Mahorian and Kit were talking, and Me and Sin were looking at this picture of this one pretty ass girl. She told me that she watches YouTube videos of her and she has a really annoying voice. Oh god. Whatever. Every time I told Sin not to talk, she would say, “Shut the hell up” oh hell no sin. Alyssa had to be home by 8 and it was 7:45..

So I led them to the 14 bus stop and it was coming in like 26 minutes. I fell asleep on Sin’s lap for a little but I couldn’t really sleep sleep. We played the magic hat game til the bus came and yea.

When the bus came, it was crowded as fucccckkkkk, I didn’t have a pole or hook to grab so I was scared as fuck. Kit told me to hold on to him so I grabbed his shirt but it wasn’t enough so I held on to Sin’s waist and held her arm. LOL. Alyssa was laughing at me, LOL. Later, the bus kinda emptied so we all had poles to hold on to and Sin found out that I like this one freshman and wanted to know who it was and I didn’t wanna tell her. But she gave me her phone and told me to type it out. I was like, “lemme check if he’s in your contacts -scrolls through A’s-“, and she was like, “oh, its a boy who starts with an A” So i just texted it to her and she was like, “that’s hella unexpected.” LOL. I told her about what someone said to me about valentine’s day and I tried to zone everyone out to tell her. She thought it was cute. It was! omg it made me happy. LOL. 

We got to Alyssa’s stop and when she got off, she ran one way, and came back because she was going the wrong way. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA OMG.

Geneva stop yay. We thought the Pho place was closed so I kept calling Angela T. but it was open so I hung up. We ate, and yea, and Mahorian left early, and when we finished, we were gonna go to Walgreens, and on the corner of Mission and Geneva, I see one of my old best friends, Angela Lin, and I ran to her like a fucking bitch and hug her and almost got her ran over. LOLOL. SORRY ANGELA!!! I missed you though. LOL.

Walgreens was closed and Sin was like, “NO. ITS OPEN WHEN I SAY ITS OPEN. AND I SAY ITS OPEN -still closed- UGH”. So I called Angela T but she didnt pick up so Sin was like, “WHY DON’T WE ALL JUST GO TO CROCKER AND CUDDLE” so we did. Then there was this man, with a hat, and a suit, and glasses, he was staring at us the whole time, he was following us, so I grabbed Kit, he kept looking back and telling me he might’ve been a ghost so I made him and Jerianne run with me, except for Sin because she thought we were being stupid.

Then my mom picked us up at the Fire Department instead and we went home.