Christine Arnobit. This is my happiness, sadness, excitement, and anger in one year described in words. Witness it.

48. February 17, 2012

oh shit brigade ball.

i woke up and angela and jasmine messed with my phone and ipod.


we ate breakfast.

i took a shower.

and shaved :D

and me and jasmine took a fuckin nap.

they painted my nails.

angela lin came over!!!! i missed her so much.

i got my eyebrows waxed on mission.

angela’s sister did my make up. and i got dressed in angela’s dress and stuff.

my mom picked me up and dropped me off at stones cos stephanie picked me up. ernalyn was there too. her dad accidentally called stephanie, jennifer. LOL. her dad was talking to me and ernalyn about filipino stuff though

when we got there i hung out with wash for a bit, then back to stephanie and ernalyn, and back to wash, but then i ran back to them because i saw someone. LOL.

jerianne finally fuckin came!! we got in doe and me, her, sin and ashley waited in coat check. jc hit me hella hard, ow shit. then uh.

i went into the thing and took steven to take pictures with me. idk how we got to the front though. but the package thing was like 27 bucks and i was like oh hell no! so i took sin and ashley from the back of the line to take pictures with us and stuff.

fucking dry as fuck songs.

battalion picture, angie was freaking out because she thought she’d miss the sabers  because shes battalion queen





brigade ball you fucking suck this year.

41. February 10, 2012

School day was okay. Ms. Serra said my hair looked like a hot cheeto. I made Sin my dictator in Mowo and she said I did a good job of thinking of that. 

After school was a boring practice. Sin didn’t go to school. Then she told me she was sick. Poor Sin.

Then Jerianne and I went to Stones to buy me some TOMS. The guy that helped me was so cute. She thought he was gay. lol.olool,adsfkjasd.f. bitch. !2qe;dl!! i bought her tights and we went home.

Today was too quiet. A little too quiet without a lil Sin Lao around.

34. February 3, 2012

School wasn’t much. I wasn’t THAT late though. :D 

After school, I went to the RO room and just chilled there. Then Jeffrey called me and asked me to eat with them so I was like, “should i go, should i go, should i go” and Sin gave me her clipper card and told me to go, so i was just like, “i am comin back” 

So I got to mission and i saw them crossing so when i got off i went to walgreens to meet them up and there was a huge mob of scary people coming so i hid in a corner LOL

When I got to walgreens Jeffrey was still on the phone with me so I hung up and I saw him and Jasmine there. Later, Angela came and we went to Superstar. Jeffrey kept going like, “ew. ew. ew.” at everything. LOL.

We were talking about stuff and then Sin called me and I lost track of time. She asked me to buy her and Jay some food from Hawaiian.

I asked them Jeffrey, Jasmine and Angela to come with me but Jasmine was like, “WHY DOESN’T SHE COME OVER HERE AND GET IT HERSELF?” and I was like, “BECAUSE I HAVE HER CLIPPER CARD DUMB SHIT.” And Jeffrey took her clipper card from me and went like

Jeffrey: -puts clipper card on the windowsill- WELL SHE CAN COME HERE AND GET IT HERSELF!


They came with me to Hawaiian Drive-In anyway. Angela had to go so Jeffrey and Jasmine was with me. They were gonna go with me to Burton because of the game but they didn’t want to. When I got my food, they left and I waited for the bus.


I was at the courtyard and I saw Sin and Jerianne come and I’m just like what the fcuk maaan! and they tell me to go to the dungeon.

I tiptoed to the dungeon and Jay and Kit come out with sticks getting ready to hit me. They claimed that I scared them. LOL.

Jerianne went with Mahorian to the game so Me, Sin, Jay, and Kit were left in the dungeon.

When it was done, Jerianne, Sin, Jay, Kit, and I went to IHOP. But I took a shit at my house first. 

Someone from Burton came and sat at the table next to us and when we were like talkign about people (in a good way mf) we were like oh shit dude hes right there LOL

we finished eating and went to the korean super market cos of jay and then we waited for my mom and she dropped us off at target.

me and jay put on storm trooper and darth vader masks and took the light sabers and looked for sin and jerianne cos we lost them LOLOOL.

then we went home and stuff. and i played xbox.

27. January 27, 2012.

Hated school today. 

I basically couldn’t focus. Really wanted to wear shorts or sweatpants

After school.. MJ told me to watch DP while he left them at attention. Um, MSGT gave me a pair of Navy sweatpants. Thanks, MSGT. I wanted to play the uh Drum corps vs. Alumni basketball game but when they called me in, I was too cold and tired to play.

So I walked around listening to my ipod til everyone was done.

Jerianne was done and we went to the hallway thing in front of the gym with the benches and the pillars and Jerianne, Sin, Jay, Kit, and I hung out with Robin there til we waited for my mom to drop us off at In-N-Out. 

Jay and I were doing random ass things.. LOL. It was hella funny. Then later, we walked with Robin to his locker to kill more time and yea and then we looked at the posters from Morgan’s class outside his door. Sin’s poster is amazing… I swear to G I’m so jealous lol. 

We went outside and I was looking at the city lights and I was just like, “GOD DAMMIT ROBIN, YOU BETTER GET ME A DAMN FLYING CARPET TO FUCKING FLY LIKE SANTA” and we started singing A Whole New World.

Robin: Is my voice too deep?

Me: Yes.

Robin: -deeper- is it still too deep?


My mom picked us up and we went to In-N-Out. I swear I will never eat there again. We were so full. At the end, we couldn’t find Sin. I walked in the girls’ bathroom, saw her, and walked out and she was like, “WUT.” and I was like, “I went into the wrong bathroom. Just kidding.” LOL.

We were gonna walk to Serramonte but it was too far, so we decided to go to Serra Bowl. Kit and Jay kept walking at the “stop” signal and the police caught us -.-…

We got to Serra Bowl and played DDR against Jerianne. LOOOOL. Me, Sin, Jay, and Kit were all in one square while Jerianne had one to herself. We STILL lost. LOOOOOOOL.

After, we played pool. Halo 3 teams. GDT vs. BDT. Jay got us solids -____- so the girls had stripes. lucky bitches. We bet loser does 5 push ups each ball not shot in. At first, we were winning, with like 4 balls left, and the girls had all theirs out, but they caught up because we kept missing. LOL. Later, it was an intense tie. No stripes, no solids and only the 8 ball left. LOL. Jay got the cue ball in so we had to do our push ups then and there.

We left after that and went to Walgreens to wait for my mom. We took a cute picture on the bench and then went in. We bumped into my mom… LOL. We got matching hats! :) 

Then we dropped off Jerianne and she accidentally took Sin’s backpack instead of her own. LOL. So we had to go back. And we dropped everyone else home and stuff and now I’m about to play MW2 with Joe and Jay and them I guess.

I don’t know how much I can say this, but I love them.

20. January 20, 2012

This morning was hilarious for me. LOOOL. I was late and I was trying to avoid the security guard so I went down to the courtyard and to the 2nd floor, then I heard him around the corner so I went back outside, went in through the S-Wing and ran to the RO room, and making sure MSGT doesn’t see me, I run swiftly to my seat in the back. LOOOL. And Anthony asks me why I was running I told him about the security guy wanting to call home next time I was late in the morning. LOL.

Then after 2nd period AoHS, I went to the RO room again to find Sin because I needed to borrow Catching Fire so I asked Serena where she was and she was at Morgan’s class looking for me. LMAAO. We cute, we cute. I couldn’t stop laughing about that though. LOL. Lip gloss.

In modern world, Jay hacked my temple run so that I never died. o—o

Then in Bio, I miraculously did not fall asleep and paid attention. LOL.

Mr. Schlauraff: You’re all gonna be raising babies this semester with another student in this class.


Mr. Schlauraff: Daveyon can be Dave for you, Sin.

Sin: UGH. NO!


Me: What……



In Chinese we watched a movie and had a party but I didn’t pay attention cos I just read and played with Serena’s chair.

After school, Calvin and Anthony hung out with me in the RO room while staff had a meeting and they left to eat pho.

I FINISHED THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg. Such a good book. So good. Sin was waiting for me to get to this one part so she can play this sad song on the piano while I read it but I didn’t tell her when I got there so she just played it. LOL.

Serena and I laid down on the table at an awkward position and Sin joined us.


Later we went to the Lincoln vs Burton basketball game, Jeffrey, Jasmine and Reymund didn’t come. We lost though :( haha. 

Aaaand then we went home. First time in a while we all didn’t hang out til the next day came.

why is josh hutcherson so cute…. i’m gonna watch bridge to terabithia and make myself cry. i love peeta mellark.

I can’t stop thinking about The Hunger Games. 

"May the odds be ever in your favor." - Effie Trinket

19. January 19, 2012

I’m a late bitch.

Drilled for RO, Anthony kept calling shit on the wrong foot and called the cadence too fast..

Boring presentation for AoHS.

District posters for English. My group’s doing The Castro.

When I walked into Geo, I asked Jazmine where she was going and she said “Tracy”. I thought she meant Tracy Vy until Erica was like, “SHE’S LEAVING US, CHRISTINE”. And I turned around and she was still there so she gave me a hug and left. Aw. D’: Okay.

Lunch was okay. I went to get my lunch for Sin cos she wanted the goldfish but they didn’t have anymore, so I ate the lunch myself and slept on the comfy chair next to Serena and she went to sleep too.

Modern World omg.

Biology, Mr. Schlauraff called me out for sleeping. Then he called me out for looking out into space and Daveyon was like, “She always looks lost” nooo. No I don’t! I fell asleep again and Ms. Serra let the air out of her balloon on my neck and ran away when I woke up. LOL.

In Chinese class we were watching a really interesting movie and I fell asleep. LOL. Ms Liang was like, “wake up.” and I was like, “I WAS WATCHING IT I SWEAR” (no I wasn’t. LOL)

We had a meeting after school for Drum Corps. We took pictures for yearbook and stuff. I remember last time we took pictures, I was in a onesie. Omg. LOL.

Then Sin left me in the supply room and told me to watch her stuff and that she’d come back, she never came back before Ivan locked up so I just took her stuff with me, which was a pain.

What was worse was that Ivan, Serena, Kit and I had to take all of DP’s stuff out of the dungeon too. And they were drilling near the auditorium which was hella far away.

Serena looked at my grades in the RO room and I ran away.

I waited for Jerianne at the bus stop for a while after everyone left and I listened to her vent.

My mom picked us up and we stayed at Mommynem’s house for a little and ate cake. I fell asleep dropping her off too.

I feel like shit right now. I can’t stop sneezing.

But Jeffrey, Jasmine and them ugly Lincoln bitches are coming tomorrow. They’re coming Burton. Yay. AND I get to hang out with my Burton friends too. Woot. I’m hoping tomorrow’s gonna be a good day cos of that. :)

Jennifer Lawrence be hella hot in The Hunger Games though. That is all.

13. January 13, 2012

Great. Lol

Jerianne woke me up by texting me, “Dude where you at????” lol. Doesn’t she know I don’t wake up at 7:45? LOL.

School was a fuckin bust though. I didn’t wanna go. At lunch time, I was reading and I sat by myself in the back of the room because I was a little irritated by everyone lol and Ivan thought I fell asleep while reading -.- Just cos I’m a chink, ok haha.

After school, Jeffrey kept texting me to eat with them and I said no and he picture messaged me a picture of him and Jasmine flicking me off LOL. While I walked Maggie down to the bus stop, I called him and Maggie was laughing at me cos I was yelling at him. LOL. But I ended up having to go back up the hill. -__- When I got back to school, I saw Oscar and he went up to me and went like, “you look depressed. You okay?”, I guess it was cos I didn’t smile at him again, or had the most expressionless face talking to him.

I went to the dungeon and put my shit away to find out that I was going to go back to the bus stop and go down to Mission to Reymund’s house with them lol. I told Jerianne I’d meet her and Sin at McDonald’s and I left.

When I got to Reymund’s house, they weren’t even there and his mom kept looking at me… Jasmine and Reymund come and his mom talks about how she didn’t know I was waiting for them haha. We play Just Dance 3 while Jeffrey and Angela make alfredo and shyyyt. Then when they finish, we eat it while watching Saw VI =.= the fuck bruh I ain’t tryna throw ma shyt up. Jk. Jeffrey put on Jasmine’s combat boots and it looked hella funny. LOL.

At around 6:30, Jerianne asks me where I’m at so I leave to the bus stop and wait like 25 minutes for them because they were watching the basketball game… lol. So we go to McDonalds and I ask if we could go to the park after and yea but Sin ended up going to Jerianne’s house and apparently I’m not allowed to come so I call Jasmine again and ask if I could come back, they were watching Precious and they refused to pause it for me. D’:

When I got there, the movie was almost done so wutebur. I wanted to watch Tangled again though. LOOOL. But they didn’t want to so they showed me some guy getting his tits cut off. o-o. I had to pee, so when I went, I went outside, and it was dark and no one was there and I saw my backpack in front of me so I threw it at this piece of shit hiding behind the wall, turned out to be Jeffrey. LOL.

We all traded shoes and stuff and since Jeffrey was matching shoes with me, I just said my feet got bigger. LOL.

Then we watched Frenemies on Disney Channel. I was into it but it sucked.

Then we left and went to McDonalds and my mom picked us up. And we dropped off Angela, Jeffrey and in the process of dropping faggot Jasmine off, we all saw the moon and it was yellow. So pretty doe.

First day this whole week I didn’t hang out with the full gang. Sin and Jerianne = Numba 1, 3, and 4 only. D:< haha.

Good day for Friday the 13th though.

6. January 6, 2012.

WOKE UP LATE AGAIN. I really should stop doing that. I texted Angela this morning and she was freaking out that her phone vibrated hella loud and her spanish teacher would be like “phone por pabor” or something, I forgot. LOL. 

Well, I was carrying Sin’s present the whole entire day. After 1st period RO, I saw her and Jerianne in the halls and when she saw me, she ran away. LOOL. Was it because I was holding her gift? D: At lunch time, I went with Jerianne and Sin to the tennis courts and we were watching DP practice, and Jay trained me with the guidon for a little. Oh, at 7th period Chinese 2, we had a quiz. I cheated and it made me dizzy. LOL.

After school, I didn’t know what to do because Jay, Sin, and Jerianne had a meeting so I went to go see Alice and Serena. Serena was kinda out of it so yea, then I told her about stuff I needed to release before I blew up. I waited with them at the bus stop and remembered we had small BDT practice so I ran when they left. I had to drill them because Jay was somewhere else. It was only Vicky, Joyce, and Kit again. Jay, Oscar, Adam, Alex and Joe came and observed, I guess.

A little after we finished, Adam, Alex, and Joe leave. Jay and I go into the dungeon and take our shit and go into the supply room where we see Michael, Jerianne, and Sin doing something so we watch. Then they tell us to leave so we go to the drum room and play da instaaaments. Right when I put the quad on, Jerianne runs inside, tells me to take it off and get my present for Sin and give it to her. After the whole day of seeing her, I give it to her then. LOL. Well, yea, I walked in with it, put it in front of her face and said “MERRY CHRISTMAS SIN RAO” and she wouldn’t look at it, or me, or anything. D’: then she took it, and me and Jerianne took videos. I’ll put it down here.

Sin hugged me and I almost dropped my iPod. LOL. 

Jerianne was like, “you made it seem like it was a thousand dollar thing” and Sin was like, “WELL ITS CHRISTINE, SHE REALLY WOULD DO THAT.” LOL. <3

Jay wouldn’t let us go to his house at first so Jerianne was like, “OMG, YOU’RE NOT PART OF THE GANG ANYMORE, THIS BANANA KETCHUP IS YOUR REPLACEMENT!”

We decided to go to Jay’s house again. But before we did, we went to the basketball game against Lowell, but then we didn’t have the keys to lock the dungeon. 

Sin: Why are you so mean to her?

Me: Idk, why she so mean to me? LOL.

Jerianne: Dude, don’t be mean to her, that’s messed up.


Jerianne: My mirror.


The Lowell game was eh, sometimes when I watch basketball, I get kinda sleepy. So we left to Jay’s house. We were like walking in a line or some shit and Sin goes like, “DUUUDE I DON’T WANNA BE IN THE BACK WTF” then Jerianne goes like, “DUUDE I DON’T EITHER WTF” So I was left in the back and I was like “later, when you guys are like agreeing on something, Jay’s gonna be like ‘right sin?’ and Sin’s gonna be like ‘yea, right, right Jerianne?’ and Jerianne’s gonna be like ‘right, right christine? christine? christine, you there?’” LOL. And Sin goes like “yea and two days later, and we still won’t find you, we’ll be like ‘she’ll be back’ and on Monday, at school, we’re gonna be like ‘oh she’ll be back. she’s probably still walking, she’ll be back’” LOL.

When we got to Jay’s house, we didn’t know what to do so Sin called up HBBQ and when she finished ordering, they hung up. LOOOOOOOOL. omg that shit was so funny. Then she called again and then the lady was like, “how many bbq cheekun u want?” and Sin was like, “two” and the lady was like, “one?” LOOOOOOOOOLLOLLOLOLOL. ogmggmgogmgo. Funny ass shit. While waiting, Jerianne and Sin stalked some white girls on Facebook and there was this cute Asian girl and I was like, omgomg. omg. omg. OMG. Then Sin went to the bathroom and the dude from hbbq was calling her right when she left so I answered her phone and went down to pick all that shit up and she came back right when I got there. LOL. We ate all our shit and I played Black Ops with Jay while Sin and Jerianne watched videos and stuff. Then we left, and played music from Sin’s ipod in the car and dropped them off. 

Hi. I love these three bitches so much. They’re amazing and I have nothing to hide from them. :) They make me happy when I can’t be.