Christine Arnobit. This is my happiness, sadness, excitement, and anger in one year described in words. Witness it.

31. January 31, 2012

I realized I didn’t do this one.

Not much happened.

Ms. Liang was gonna cry… New/old chinese teacher, because Ms. Kaiser is back. Ms. Liang isn’t gone yet, but I miss her already.

After school, after BDT practice, I went to the gym cos idk where my friends went.

I saw Sin leave so I just went back in the gym.

Jerianne called me and she came too. Ivan was talking to me the whole time the game was on. He was hella funny. So was tracy. Then I moved down and sat next to Crystal Y. I fell asleep and Jerianne woke me up and decided to leave.

We went to Burger King and talked. 

Then we left.

I got the Catching Fire on iBooks. Then I started reading Matched. Too much reading.. jk. I’m so lazy now.

30. January 30, 2012

I woke up late when I said I wasn’t.

My RO pants took me forever to put on. I got hella fat omgggg. LOL.

I came to 1st platoon late and MSGT was like, “did you get hit by a truck or something?”


I played Stardom almost all day.. Fuck. LOL.

At lunch my pants almost broke so I changed out.

In 6th period, I realized Sin was a D-List in Stardom so I turned around, and I was like, “WHEN DID YOU BECOME D-LIST?!??!?! I’M STILL E-LIST” and she was like, “who?” LOL.

In 7th period, I sneezed and Jason was like, “OHHHHHHH SHIT” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

After school we had BDT practice. I taught Kit how to spin. He’s getting there. Yay, Mark’s back!!! We just need 2 more people!!! :D

After all that, I asked Sin if I can read Catching Fire so I did and we left and waited at the front for my mom cos they decided to come over. We played fucking Stardom the whole damn time… LOOOOOOL. I took her on a date at the Leaky Cantina. LOL. What a stupid place to take a slut on a date. LOL. (I gifted her a slut outfit LOL)

Then we went to St. Francis Square by my house and we went to Valeria’s and Pacific Super.

After, we went to my house and watched Supah Ninjas and played Stardom almost the whole time.. LOOOOOOL. Kit was just watching Dragon Ball GT and Supah Ninjas though. LOL. Then we watched Fear Factor and the couple that Jerianne Sin, and Kit wanted to win, lost and Jerianne was like, “I hate this show, I’m not gonna watch it ever again, is there another one on?” LOOL. 

I got my Netflix to work on my XBox again and we watched part of Tangled and they had to leave.

I found a place to read Catching Fire online!

Jason Anthony and I are spamming people.. LOL.

omg I just remembered. When Sin, Kit, and I went to Serramonte that one night, Kit asked Sin if she wanted him to hold her backpack, aww how cute LOL, and she gave it to him and she started singing Lightweight - Demi Lovato. LOLOLOLOL. OMG. It was hella funny though.

28, 29. January 28, and 29, 2012.

I went to Reno.

I got a chococat.

And Jolly ranchers.

It was fun.

27. January 27, 2012.

Hated school today. 

I basically couldn’t focus. Really wanted to wear shorts or sweatpants

After school.. MJ told me to watch DP while he left them at attention. Um, MSGT gave me a pair of Navy sweatpants. Thanks, MSGT. I wanted to play the uh Drum corps vs. Alumni basketball game but when they called me in, I was too cold and tired to play.

So I walked around listening to my ipod til everyone was done.

Jerianne was done and we went to the hallway thing in front of the gym with the benches and the pillars and Jerianne, Sin, Jay, Kit, and I hung out with Robin there til we waited for my mom to drop us off at In-N-Out. 

Jay and I were doing random ass things.. LOL. It was hella funny. Then later, we walked with Robin to his locker to kill more time and yea and then we looked at the posters from Morgan’s class outside his door. Sin’s poster is amazing… I swear to G I’m so jealous lol. 

We went outside and I was looking at the city lights and I was just like, “GOD DAMMIT ROBIN, YOU BETTER GET ME A DAMN FLYING CARPET TO FUCKING FLY LIKE SANTA” and we started singing A Whole New World.

Robin: Is my voice too deep?

Me: Yes.

Robin: -deeper- is it still too deep?


My mom picked us up and we went to In-N-Out. I swear I will never eat there again. We were so full. At the end, we couldn’t find Sin. I walked in the girls’ bathroom, saw her, and walked out and she was like, “WUT.” and I was like, “I went into the wrong bathroom. Just kidding.” LOL.

We were gonna walk to Serramonte but it was too far, so we decided to go to Serra Bowl. Kit and Jay kept walking at the “stop” signal and the police caught us -.-…

We got to Serra Bowl and played DDR against Jerianne. LOOOOL. Me, Sin, Jay, and Kit were all in one square while Jerianne had one to herself. We STILL lost. LOOOOOOOL.

After, we played pool. Halo 3 teams. GDT vs. BDT. Jay got us solids -____- so the girls had stripes. lucky bitches. We bet loser does 5 push ups each ball not shot in. At first, we were winning, with like 4 balls left, and the girls had all theirs out, but they caught up because we kept missing. LOL. Later, it was an intense tie. No stripes, no solids and only the 8 ball left. LOL. Jay got the cue ball in so we had to do our push ups then and there.

We left after that and went to Walgreens to wait for my mom. We took a cute picture on the bench and then went in. We bumped into my mom… LOL. We got matching hats! :) 

Then we dropped off Jerianne and she accidentally took Sin’s backpack instead of her own. LOL. So we had to go back. And we dropped everyone else home and stuff and now I’m about to play MW2 with Joe and Jay and them I guess.

I don’t know how much I can say this, but I love them.

26. January 26, 2012.

Today was amazazing. LOL. Well I had a good day. :)

Didn’t go to 1st period.

In english class, we started symbolism on The Hunger Games and Mr. Morgan showed us common symbols we might know, and when he got to the books symbols, Faith was shouting out answers that was completely wrong. LOOOOOOL. Then he showed us the Deathly Hallows symbol. He was asking who knew it, and no one answered for hella long, so I was like, HARRY FUCKIN POTTER. And Bing laughed at me cos he thought I got it wrong and Mr. Morgan was like, “YES. THAT IS THE DEATHLY HALLOWS SYMBOL FROM HARRY POTTER” and I was like, WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT NOW, BING. LOL.

In Geo, there was this girl who was having a fit because someone touched her food. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. it was hilarious.

At lunch time, we had a feast. I was with Sin, Serena, Jerianne, and Alice. I brought kimchi noodles today too. So, Serena brought the leftover food from last night and we ate them at lunch time and stuff. We went to Mr. Morgan’s class to eat. We had a whole bunch of food with us. We had my kimchi, Alice’s noodles, Jerianne’s pasta, Sin’s cup noodles, and then the food from yesterday which was like the pie (the poop making pie LOL), ice cream, oreos, and yea. Huge ass feast. Yum. They made me run to the RO room to put the ice cream in the freezer and I overheard Oscar saying how we only have 5 bde ball tickets left and I was like, awwww fuck. -.- So I ran back and told them and the bell rung and I walked Sin to class and I realized I forgot my notebook in Morgan’s class so I got it and ran to modern world.

In modern world, I didn’t sleep. I did my work. I read the article. I answered the questions without copying. I’m starting to like this class.

In bio, I did everything, I turned in my homework, I knew my shit!! I knew all that mitosis and shit. I feel so accomplished!

Chinese. Test tmo. Ok.

There was Drum Corps auditions today. I went for bass. I kinda hope I don’t make it. But then I kinda hope I do because I don’t wanna be stuck on the toms with the group of anti-social filipino girls.. lol.

After I was done, I went outside and stood on the rail and pretended I was a gargoyle. LOL. Tracy kept laughing at me.

I saw Jerianne, Sin and Angie come out and I followed them cos I needed to use the bathroom too.

We went back to the tennis courts and Robin came and oh yea, we were matching today. It was not planned. We were wearing a grayish blue button up, black pants, and black shoes. We look alike too. It was cute. I was gonna wear my chucks like him, but then I wore my nikes. I didn’t even know we were gonna match like that. LOL.

A whole bunch of us went in the supply room though. Sin played Temple Run, I read Catching Fire, Robin was cutting out his stencils, Alex was telling everyone to choke and die, and Joe comes in and we all like give him a group hug. :D Sin took a picture of me and Robin though. We had the same face, and everything! LOL.

Then Sin and I went to the basketball game and then we got bored so we went back to the dungeon and Serena came with us. Then she left us to go to the college fair and that she’d meet us up after. Sin and I didn’t wanna watch the game though. Its ok. We were waiting for Jerianne, s’all gucci. I started getting bored watching it, and Sin wasn’t even watching. She was playing Temple Run. So I played Scribblenauts and she took my ipod and started typing in derogatory words like, nigga, or hoe, or slut and it wouldn’t work. LOL.

We went outside and Serena was there and we wanted to leave and eat already so Jerianne said we don’t have to wait for her so we go down to San Bruno to eat pho.

When we were walking over there, we had such an interesting talk. LOL. It was funny too. TINA!!!! LOL.

We ordered 2 large bowls, Jeffrey texted me if I was gonna go to the Lincoln talent show tomorrow. I said okay and I told Sin. She said that I can take a video of something with her camera LOL.

Sin: If you see Tina, don’t go yelling in the camera like, “SIIN. OMG LOOK ITS SIN!”

Me: No, its like, when she’s like watching the thing, and she yells, “YEAAA GO LINCOLN!!”, I’m gonna be like, “shhh quiet Sin. I’m trying to take a video” LOL.

Funny though.

and later we had a talk about my grades…. lololol. I feel comfortable talking about it now. I don’t get mad anymore. I feel confident about this even though I feel like I already failed.

Then we got to a different topic. The future… Its scary, I agree. We had a talk about that and stuff. It was a nice talk tho. I liked it. One of the best I’ve had. Then I asked if they wanted to take a walk after we paid cos my legs were hurting.

We took a walk… a block away… to Walgreens. LOL. We had ANOTHER talk. At the pharmacy, this was nice too. I felt like I talked a lot. I felt like I said a lot of philosophical stuff. LOL. Serena said we should take so class on like philosophy and stuff. LMAO. Yea, I said quite a lot though. And the stuff I said made me think too. But I’m over it, I don’t care about what people think of me because I have friends who know who I am. Serena said something to us that made me feel like I wanted to cry. It made me smile hella big. :D LOL. 

After, my mom picked us up and we dropped Kuya Jek to the airport and stuff and we had a talk that time too. LOL. When he left, I called Jeffrey about the talent show tomorrow and he started asking about the posters he’s gonna buy me. After I hung up, Sin says she might go with me cos she’s not staying at badminton conditioning for too long. :) YAY I won’t be alone. (btw, Sin, I’m still going to every badminton game for you like I said a long ass time ago)

We dropped her off and it was Serena’s turn. We talked about Tangled and stuff and we talked about all the stuff we should do, like watch Tangled Ever After, all that, and she mentioned how many good movies are coming out, The Hunger Games, Tangled Ever After, Journey 2, OK she didn’t say journey 2, but Josh Hutcherson is in it so, it HAS to be good. LOL.

And then she left.

One of the best talks/hang outs/all that. I love them to the fullest.

oh yea i forgot to add this. 

Sin: Like, I can’t keep up with her words.

Me: Did you watch Mean Girls? Is it like, “THAT IS SO FETCH!” LOOOL


Serena: Yea you should go up to her and be like, “OH REALLY? THAT’S SO FETCH.” HAHAHAHAHA.

25. January 25, 2012.

What a weird day. I woke up early. Texted Ate Angeline for like 30 minutes before I got up, and I was STILL fucking late.

2nd period AoHS was quite a drag. I put my head down for almost the whole period but I didn’t sleep. After, Ms. Wright asked me if I was sleeping and I said my head was hurting and she gave me some sympathy.

Then it was geometry. I finished my project in the class. Did the work. All there was to it. Was pretty boring. I just talked to Erica the whole time lol. I asked Jay if he wanted to watch a movie next weekend. Looks like he was gonna watch it anyway. It was funny though, he was staring at me and he said, “I have a super power. I can make people look at me” and then he started at Erica for the longest time and she looked at him after like 5 minutes. LOL.

I was hella waiting for Bio the whole day.. I had no book and when I walked in, Sin was like, “WHERE’S YOUR BOOK? I NEED IT.” and I told her I was gonna steal Desmond’s. But when he came, she took it before me. Ms. Serra kept asking me where my book was lol. So when she walked away, I ran to the seat next to Sin and she was like, “noo.. Go back to your seat” and later she let me sit next to her anyway. We had this activity for the process of mitosis and it consisted of twizzlers and stuff. When we finished, she let us eat it. Everyone had two each. After eating my first one, I got tired of it. Then later, Sin makes me eat half of her second one. That shit is tooooo sweet. I can’t take it. lol. Shanika is Chinese. LOOOL.

After school, I waited for Sin so we can go to the Drum Corps meeting together and she took foreverrrr. lol. Well when we got there, Ivan said we can laugh but we can’t talk and whoever talks, everyone does 5 push ups. We kept doing push ups lol.. Where’s my harp, Ivan? I’m trying to try out for harp. Phillip and Sala Burton Orchestra! Mark said we’re Phillip and Sala Burton Choir. LOL.

So, a couple days ago, on the group wall on Facebook, I asked Ivan about the harp/triangle and Sin asked if she can play flute and turned us into the Orchestra Corps and I asked if I could sign in because I was the harp and I sent them this picture:

I hope Ivan goes on with that plan.

After that, we practiced with our desired drum outside. Tiring lol. I realized I forgot to wear my knee brace and my other knee popped. -_________-

I hung out with Angie for a little cos we couldn’t find Sin or Jerianne but we found them and they were busy.

Jay and I went to the RO room and MSGT blasted Empire State of Mind. LOL. And then I fell asleep on the comfy chair and woke up an hour later to Sin calling and texting.

They went to Serena’s house and didn’t tell me lol.

They told me to come though.

I went, and walked up Mission, up Guttenburg, and through Brunswick and slow walked because I was too tired. aldkfmlaskdfj. lol.

When I got there I just wanted to knock out. Sin, Jerianne, and Angie were there. And knocking out is exactly what I did. When I woke up, I forgot what happened. lol. I was texting Serena about what happened last night. lol. I guess I’m too nice then, eh? -__- I was playing her guitar when I realized it was untuned. I broke her A string.. oops. LOL. I fixed it though. Sin and Jerianne were getting their make up and eye brows done. It seemed like a station type of thing cos Angie was doing their eye brows and Serena was doing their make ups. LOL. At one point, when Angie was doing Jerianne’s make up, they started laughing and wouldn’t stop and Serena, Sin, and I were just like, “what are they laughing at o—o”. Then they said it was cos Sin’s expression looked like she was getting abducted by aliens HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

Tracy called me to FaceTme but I was just about to leave her house.

I went and ate pho with my mom lol,

I went home, played xbox and called Tracy back and her brother watched me play zombies with Jasmine. LOL.

I’m gonna watch more Josh Hutcherson/Alexander Ludwig movies.

24. January 24, 2012

I slept at fucking 5 today. I watched RV and Journey to the Center of the Earth. And I saw the new clip thing for THG OMG.

I woke up at 8 and didn’t go to Adv.

PT today. I ran 2 laps and went into the gym and the weight room. I slept on the small cushion-on-a-stick and claimed to everyone that I was stretching. Not sleeping. LOL. After PT, I was still putting my pants on when 3rd platoon came so I gave Sin my mom’s gift to them and she gave me something awesome that I just stood there and stared at it with my mouth open LOL. 

It was this 4x6 pictures of Peeta and the Final Poster yayayyyayaya I fucking love you, Sin Lao.

yayyyy so sexi.

In 3rd period English, we had a small THG quiz and Mr. Morgan passed  by my desk and saw my pictures and he said, “that is awesome, oh by the way, I saw the war between you and Sin, and Sin posted the picture of Cato shirtless on Facebook.” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Omg, Morgan. Well we worked on our posters of the SF districts and stuff and it went into lunch time and Jerianne walked in and thought I was Annie. o-o.

At lunch, I just played Scramble.

Modern world. Eh. Fell asleep. Jay did too.

Chinese. We did a map thingy and it showed Hong Kong Disneyland so I kept going like, “DISNEYLAND!” and Jay kept telling me it was fake and I was like, “MAGIC IS NOT FAKE” and he said that magic in China is fake. LOL.

After school, I was with Jerianne and Robin reminded me that he couldn’t go to bde ball, which was a coincidence cos Ernalyn was near us and I called out to her and she came to hug me and I asked her if she had a date and she said no so I asked her. She seemed pretty happy though. lol.

Jerianne and I hung out in the dungeon for a while and Sin walked in. Jerianne left us for hella long so Sin and I were like dueling or someshit on Temple Run. LOL. Long story I don’t wanna explain it.

She had to leave and almost forgot her brother.. LOL. I talked to her until she got to the gate and went back.

I hung out with Jerianne, Jay and Angie outside the RO room though. We were looking at the pictures in the trophy case. I miss the Yosemite trip.

Jerianne and I went to McDonalds and she saw the video of Alexander Ludwig and Leven Rambin kissing. See. I told you guys. I told you Sin’s boyfriend and Jerianne’s girlfriend kissed. LOL. 

Then I told Jerianne who I had a baby crush on and she said, “you always have a crush on that same person” LOL. Whatever bitch.

My mom came and bought us food and we dropped Jerianne off.

23. January 23, 2012

I didn’t do much today at all.

When I woke up, I was mad. I was mad because I slept at 8 am and I woke up at 11 and couldn’t go back to sleep. LOL.

So I decided to watch Little Manhattan again, even if I watched it til 8. LOL.

Jasmine asked me if I could come over RIGHT after the movie ended, so I took a shower and got dressed and left.

When I was walking on Brunswick, I saw Serena’s mom in a car rolling by me, but I realized Serena was in it too. So I waved hi. LOL.

Everyone started to bail on Jasmine though, I got hella mad. Hella. Hella. Mad. Because whenever a group of us makes plans, I have to leave my house hella early to get there on time cos I live fucking far, so if they cancel last minute, oh let’s say, uhhh when I finally get to SF, THEN I CAN’T GO BACK OR I’LL BE WASTING MY MONEY. -____-…

I stopped for a little cos a vein in my foot popped and it was burning hella badly.

I got even more irritated so I went to Crocker, sat on a rock and cried a little. Everyone started to leave, so I was the only one there. It started to rain too.

I decided to just walk all the way down Geneva to 7 Mile, and back up Geneva til I get to Ocean.

When I got to Jasmine’s block, I saw two motherfuckers walk around the corner and I called Jasmine. Coincidentally (not rly), one of the motherfuckers took her phone out of her pocket, put it to her ear and Jasmine answered me. I told her to turn around. LOL. I felt creepy. Her and Loraine were going to Taco Bell so I went with them.

I kept pushing Loraine though. LOL. She was trying to like, strangle me. D:

Tita Roxie yelled out my name in her car and I waved to her.

When we got to Taco Bell, I got a burrito and they got meal boxes. We talked about Chinese New Year AKA Jay’s birthday. LOOL. I saw people.

When I went to the bathroom, someone walked in. Thank god I wasn’t peeing. LOL. 

Jasmine and Loraine left and I walked with them up a block.

Then I asked my mom if I could go to the library. But I didn’t feel like it anymore after she came.

We went down to Mission and 22nd and she bought Jerianne, Sin, and Jay something. She really wanted oranges though. It was 3lbs for a dollar. A fucking dollar?! I told her I didn’t trust it so she didn’t buy it.

Then we went to Mommynem’s house and I just stayed in the room for the whole time playing Scribblenauts. At one point, Kuya Jek walked in and he was like, “why are you watching yourself in the mirror?” and I was like, “I was trying to fix my smile. Its ugly.” and he was like, “why the hell you fixing your smile for” and he walked out without my answer. LOL. 

I fell asleep after that.

We dropped him off to the airport.

Then we went to Serramonte and stuff.

Then we went home.

Then I talked to Jerianne on Facebook.

I sent her this picture:

and I told her that he wanted me. LOL. She called me a dumb ass for that.



Then I watched RV for like the millionth time. I remember in like 6th grade, I had the thing for my PSP, the movie thing, and my only movie thing was RV, so I watched it hella times, I basically know the script. LOL.

Oh, I was playing Scramble with Friends all day. I noticed that I beat Alex quite a number of times. LOL.

"Love is an ugly, terrible business practiced by fools. It’ll trample your heart and leave you bleeding on the floor. And what does it really get you in the end? Nothing but a few incredible memories that you can’t ever shake. " 

22. January 22, 2012

Laid in bed for hella long. I was trolling on Alexander Ludwig and Josh Hutcherson though. They’re so cute. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence. She so hawt. I’m like having raging hormones trolling on them.

We picked up Jeffrey and went to Jasmine’s house. When we got there, Reymund and Anita tried to scare us. After I took my shoes off, Loraine jumped out of the closet just to scare me but it didn’t work this time… HA. I got a bit addicted to Scramble with Friends though. They opened their secret santa gifts.



Reymund: -opens gift, turns out to be the shirt he’s already wearing-

Yesterday, Jeffrey bought that shirt for him, not knowing he already had it. LOL.

Then Jasmine opened her birthday gifts. She didn’t like the color of the snuggie me and Jeffrey got her. It was the color of Uggs. why wouldn’t she like it? LOL. “it makes me look like a piece of shit”

Angela left and took Jingle with her. That bitch. I called Jingle a faggot though. LOL.

Anita left cos her mom didn’t want to go bowling with us. :(

Jeffrey and Reymund left to go get money for bowling.

Jasmine couldn’t go bowling so later I went home and played XBox with her, Jay, Fidel, Loraine, Joe, and Adam til now.

I’m tired as fuuuck.

I don’t go into as much detail anymore. Maybe I will tomorrow. or I mean later.

21. January 21, 2012

I missed it lol.

I was laying down for like the longest time and Jeffrey said he was going to Serramonte so I told him I’d go too. I wanted to buy a poster but they didn’t have it. Jeffrey wouldn’t let me buy froyo or jamba juice. That bitch.

We ate at the food court and then we went to Anna’s Linen to buy Pajama Jeans. We were “risking our lives” to get there (because it was long walk) LOL. HE WAS MATCHING SHOES WITH ME AGAIN. But it wasn’t Vans this time, it was Chucks. LOL. The Pajama Jeans were 40 fucking bucks and Jeffrey wanted to cry. LOL. So we just went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

When he went to the bathroom, I sat inside a pillow box with my legs sticking out and he couldn’t find me. LOL. We looked in the mirrors that like zoom up on your face like 15x and we saw our ugliness. :(

Jeffrey’s dad dropped us off at Lucky’s and we bought stuff. 

Me: -jumps on the cart and almost tips it over-



I left and picked up Angela and me her and Laurence went to Tanfo. When we went to Barnes and Noble, I took like a stack of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay and almost dropped them. LOL.

Then we went to Target and stuff and we took like an hour there. I found the magazine the was featuring The Hunger Games and I wanted to rip the Cato poster out for Sin but then Angela got mad at me so I didn’t. After that, we went through all the aisles in the toys section LOL.

Then we went to Hallmark to find Jingle the Husky pup for Angela. We found the book that goes with the toy though. I stole some Jingle shit though. HAHA long story, I won’t go into it. LOLLASDFJJL. Maybe later. 

We went to the food court and Potato Corner was closed! Angela kept freaking out though “THEY ONLY WANNA CLOSE IT BECAUSE I’M HERE, WHEN I LEAVE, THEY’RE GONNA OPEN IT.” But its closed for good… LOL. Me and Laurence bought ice cream on a cold ass day. Yum.

We waited in front of Barnes and Noble for my mom and I showed Angela the Jingle thingy I took and gave her one. LOOL. “I’M GONNA EMAIL THIS TO HALLMARK”

My mom came and asked if we wanted to go clubbing with her. I said yes only because I wanted food. Bad choice. LOL.

When we got there, Angela saw her auntie. :OO We felt really awkward there lol. Some little girl sang Reflection. They asked her if she wanted to sing Beauty and The Beast but she sings Reflection? OOOHH NO.

Later, they all start dancing and the little girl was going crazy LOASFLASKLDFJLAOFJLLOALOLOLAOLOLOLOLOLOL no one finna mess with her. Angela and I just played Scribblenauts the whole time. Then we went home.