Christine Arnobit. This is my happiness, sadness, excitement, and anger in one year described in words. Witness it.

47. February 16, 2012

School was okay.

I was still sick as fuck.

Voice kept cracking.

Practice was terrifying. Angela, Jeffrey and Reymund came out of no where. They waited for me.

Left practice early.

Walked around the school with them Lincoln bitches. Met Sin, Serena, and Jerianne at the bus stop.

Jerianne’s going to Tanfo.

Serena and Sin are going to Sin’s house.

I’m going to Angela’s house.

Reymund goes home.

Me, Jeffrey, Angela, Sin and Serena go to Walgreens.

I decide to go with Sin and Serena.

We walk to her house.

We watched TV and had a feast before we started.

Later, Sin put on her make up and stuff and so did Serena. And fake eyelashes = 100% human hair. Scary.

Got hella tired. Sin and I fell asleep. Serena blew in my ear and drew on me.

I laid on Serena’s bed with Sin and tried to sleep but her leg was ero-ing me.

Sin, Serena and I talked about stuff. I gotta take care of Sin’s brother in BDT. Ok, deal. I played with Sin’s thumb. I love her thumb. I’m gonna marry her thumb. That’s so creepy. I like her thumb so much though omg. LOL. She’s like double jointed so yea. Its hella funny.

We went home.

I went to Angela’s house and Jasmine was there.

I ate a burrito.

Angela laid out the thing and I fell asleep right there.

40. February 9, 2012

Stanford field trip today! I was about to wear my Cal Berkeley sweater when I remembered we had the field trip.. LOL.

Last day to worry about waking up early. I was at school at like 7:45 and I didn’t know what to do til 8:15 so I went inside the school and walked back out with Jerianne and Angie and Jerianne and I were talking about Sin’s hair to Angie cos she saw my hair, then I’m yelling, “SHE LOOKS LIKE THE LITTLE MERMA— (Sin arrives to schewl) LOOK ITS THE LITTLE MERMAID” LOL.

Everyone’s at the front by 8:10 and Ms. Wright isn’t here yet. When she DOES get here, we all go to the bus and I sit with Cynthia behind Angie and Jerianne and the bus had TVs that show what the camera at the front of the bus is showing. Cool ass thing, I was just staring at it the whole ride there. LOL. Minus my texting breaks to stop staring at it. LOL. Everyone only noticed my red hair when we were almost there. LOL.

When we got to Stanford, we went to the bathroom and all the ghetto-wannabe girls started taking MySpace pictures and blocked the way -__________-

Then we had our tour. We got split into groups, it was unintentionally split by sex. LOOOOOL. The whole time during the tour, I stayed with Angie and she was talking about how we were getting close to where Vanessa Hudgens was. LOOOOASLDFMASDFLOLOLOL. When we got to the fountain thing, Angie pointed out something disturbing to me -___________-…….. our tour guide looked like makeda. HAAHAHAHAHAH

After the tour was done, we had this presentor thing, me and Angie hella fell asleep. LOL. She was boring though =__=

We went to the buffet thing. On the way there, I was making fun of this fucking bitch and Ula and Jerianne were like, dying LOOOL. and I only got to eat a burrito and ice cream. and their good ass garlic fries. We were running late, but me, Shanika, and Nael needed to use the bathroom so Ms. Wright waited for us while the rest of the whole group left us and we had to run to them and I just ate so I had a huge ass cramp -.-

We got to the hospital thing though and they split us in like 4 groups to go see the helicopter and we were 2nd so me, cynthia, angie, jerianne, and ula just talked outside about the hunger games and poop and stuff.

The helicopter was pretty cool though.

Rachet people annoy me.

I was mad.

It was hot.

We had another presentation about like people’s jobs and stuff. They gave us cool ass stickers.

We had to walk a lot to get to the bus. Ula was braiding my tail. My red tail. Red tail… LOL.


I fell asleep on Cynthia’s shoulder right when we got on and I felt her fall asleep on my head. When I woke up, we were at school. WTFFFFF hella fast. it was 4:30. I ran to the dungeon. I tried to get in the dungeon without Sin seeing me. I heard a, “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YOU’RE HERE.” and knew she saw me. I grabbed my BDT stick and went outside. Felene likes Sin’s red hair better. Fucking bitch I’m cuter than her!!! just kidding she’s bootyful.

Jay made me do 5 push ups but I told him I wouldn’t do em til he told me he loves me so he said it and I did it. I took a shit first. THEN I practiced with them.

Sin was talking to me while I was practicing. Bitch. I wanna join GDT. Angie said I can be in both GDT and BDT. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna join both. LOL.

While I was talking to Sin and Jenny, Jay was trying to beckon me to practice but I wasn’t listening to him until he said, “HEY RED TAIL. HEY. RED TAILS. HEEEY” and Sin started bursting out laughing so I ran over there and yea.

After practice, I ran to the dungeon door and jumped over the rail and fell hella hard on the floor. My knee started hurting. I take my pants (cos I was wearing my gym shorts) into the supply room and ask if I could change cos GDT was working on stuff.

I practiced outside for a bit. 

I went into the supply room cos it was open.

I sat next to Sin. Angie leaves.

Me and Jerianne told her about the field trip. About how I was mad as fuck as this girl. About how I had a very unpleasant view of something. About how Academy of Health Science is a really good academy with FUCKING RETARDS IN IT -_______-

We play concentration. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL funny though.

Then we play chicka bang bang and it was hella mf funny. LOOOL.OLOLA,DFKLJASD.FAJDFLKA FUCK. Then my mom comes and when we were walking up the stairs, I fall on the first step and cut my hand.

Yayyyyyyyyyyy. Good day.

33. February 2, 2012

I went to school early to get Sin’s iPod. Ugh LOL.

School wasn’t all that great today but yea. Oh yea guys, Jerianne’s my bde ball date lolol. We bought our ticket today though. I fell asleep in Morgan’s class. I don’t even know how that’s possible..

After school, Sin and Angie asked me if I wanted to come to Safeway with them to buy some food so I went until Jerianne called me and I went over to Jerianne instead and we sat at the bleachers and she vented out to me.

We went back to the dungeon and just talked and shit until Sin and Angie came back. Sin told me to run up to the RO room to get her backpack so I did, but it wasn’t there -________-, so I ran back down and it was with DP’s backpacks -__________-

We had a feast.. LOL. So when we finished, I took Sin’s Catching Fire and just read outside, Allan was reading Catcher In The Rye. When Michael Sir passed by us, he asked if Allan was reading it for -i forgot the teacher’s name- and he was, and he asked me if I was reading mine for Morgan, and I was. LOL. Joe was gonna hit me and Allan with a volleyball so we ran inside. LOL.

When we went outside, Michael sir made us look at the clouds to see if it looked like an eagle… We didn’t see it o-o

Allan left and I stayed with Angie, Jerianne, and Sin. Then they told me to leave for a little so I took Sin’s Catching Fire and read on the stairs.

When I go back in, Sin tells me to refill her waterbottle so I take it and run through the tennis courts cos it was pitch black there and I was hella scared. I refilled her water bottle and Fidel came, I asked him for a flash light and he gave me one cos he realized how dark it is in the tennis courts. It was hella hot in the gym LOL.

I turned on the flash light and I felt like I was in Scooby Doo. LOOOOL.

Then we all stayed in there til my mom came. Jerianne couldn’t stop laughing at the Codename: Kids Next Door’s names. LOOOL.

My mom came and we all went home.

When I got home, I played MW2 with Joe and Jay. Then while we were playing hide and seek, I got my Blackberry to work. I was hella happy. LOL.

Right now, I’m playing Stardom with Sin. I have to take her on a date that’s gonna cost me hella money and time. LOL. NOOO.

26. January 26, 2012.

Today was amazazing. LOL. Well I had a good day. :)

Didn’t go to 1st period.

In english class, we started symbolism on The Hunger Games and Mr. Morgan showed us common symbols we might know, and when he got to the books symbols, Faith was shouting out answers that was completely wrong. LOOOOOOL. Then he showed us the Deathly Hallows symbol. He was asking who knew it, and no one answered for hella long, so I was like, HARRY FUCKIN POTTER. And Bing laughed at me cos he thought I got it wrong and Mr. Morgan was like, “YES. THAT IS THE DEATHLY HALLOWS SYMBOL FROM HARRY POTTER” and I was like, WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT NOW, BING. LOL.

In Geo, there was this girl who was having a fit because someone touched her food. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. it was hilarious.

At lunch time, we had a feast. I was with Sin, Serena, Jerianne, and Alice. I brought kimchi noodles today too. So, Serena brought the leftover food from last night and we ate them at lunch time and stuff. We went to Mr. Morgan’s class to eat. We had a whole bunch of food with us. We had my kimchi, Alice’s noodles, Jerianne’s pasta, Sin’s cup noodles, and then the food from yesterday which was like the pie (the poop making pie LOL), ice cream, oreos, and yea. Huge ass feast. Yum. They made me run to the RO room to put the ice cream in the freezer and I overheard Oscar saying how we only have 5 bde ball tickets left and I was like, awwww fuck. -.- So I ran back and told them and the bell rung and I walked Sin to class and I realized I forgot my notebook in Morgan’s class so I got it and ran to modern world.

In modern world, I didn’t sleep. I did my work. I read the article. I answered the questions without copying. I’m starting to like this class.

In bio, I did everything, I turned in my homework, I knew my shit!! I knew all that mitosis and shit. I feel so accomplished!

Chinese. Test tmo. Ok.

There was Drum Corps auditions today. I went for bass. I kinda hope I don’t make it. But then I kinda hope I do because I don’t wanna be stuck on the toms with the group of anti-social filipino girls.. lol.

After I was done, I went outside and stood on the rail and pretended I was a gargoyle. LOL. Tracy kept laughing at me.

I saw Jerianne, Sin and Angie come out and I followed them cos I needed to use the bathroom too.

We went back to the tennis courts and Robin came and oh yea, we were matching today. It was not planned. We were wearing a grayish blue button up, black pants, and black shoes. We look alike too. It was cute. I was gonna wear my chucks like him, but then I wore my nikes. I didn’t even know we were gonna match like that. LOL.

A whole bunch of us went in the supply room though. Sin played Temple Run, I read Catching Fire, Robin was cutting out his stencils, Alex was telling everyone to choke and die, and Joe comes in and we all like give him a group hug. :D Sin took a picture of me and Robin though. We had the same face, and everything! LOL.

Then Sin and I went to the basketball game and then we got bored so we went back to the dungeon and Serena came with us. Then she left us to go to the college fair and that she’d meet us up after. Sin and I didn’t wanna watch the game though. Its ok. We were waiting for Jerianne, s’all gucci. I started getting bored watching it, and Sin wasn’t even watching. She was playing Temple Run. So I played Scribblenauts and she took my ipod and started typing in derogatory words like, nigga, or hoe, or slut and it wouldn’t work. LOL.

We went outside and Serena was there and we wanted to leave and eat already so Jerianne said we don’t have to wait for her so we go down to San Bruno to eat pho.

When we were walking over there, we had such an interesting talk. LOL. It was funny too. TINA!!!! LOL.

We ordered 2 large bowls, Jeffrey texted me if I was gonna go to the Lincoln talent show tomorrow. I said okay and I told Sin. She said that I can take a video of something with her camera LOL.

Sin: If you see Tina, don’t go yelling in the camera like, “SIIN. OMG LOOK ITS SIN!”

Me: No, its like, when she’s like watching the thing, and she yells, “YEAAA GO LINCOLN!!”, I’m gonna be like, “shhh quiet Sin. I’m trying to take a video” LOL.

Funny though.

and later we had a talk about my grades…. lololol. I feel comfortable talking about it now. I don’t get mad anymore. I feel confident about this even though I feel like I already failed.

Then we got to a different topic. The future… Its scary, I agree. We had a talk about that and stuff. It was a nice talk tho. I liked it. One of the best I’ve had. Then I asked if they wanted to take a walk after we paid cos my legs were hurting.

We took a walk… a block away… to Walgreens. LOL. We had ANOTHER talk. At the pharmacy, this was nice too. I felt like I talked a lot. I felt like I said a lot of philosophical stuff. LOL. Serena said we should take so class on like philosophy and stuff. LMAO. Yea, I said quite a lot though. And the stuff I said made me think too. But I’m over it, I don’t care about what people think of me because I have friends who know who I am. Serena said something to us that made me feel like I wanted to cry. It made me smile hella big. :D LOL. 

After, my mom picked us up and we dropped Kuya Jek to the airport and stuff and we had a talk that time too. LOL. When he left, I called Jeffrey about the talent show tomorrow and he started asking about the posters he’s gonna buy me. After I hung up, Sin says she might go with me cos she’s not staying at badminton conditioning for too long. :) YAY I won’t be alone. (btw, Sin, I’m still going to every badminton game for you like I said a long ass time ago)

We dropped her off and it was Serena’s turn. We talked about Tangled and stuff and we talked about all the stuff we should do, like watch Tangled Ever After, all that, and she mentioned how many good movies are coming out, The Hunger Games, Tangled Ever After, Journey 2, OK she didn’t say journey 2, but Josh Hutcherson is in it so, it HAS to be good. LOL.

And then she left.

One of the best talks/hang outs/all that. I love them to the fullest.

oh yea i forgot to add this. 

Sin: Like, I can’t keep up with her words.

Me: Did you watch Mean Girls? Is it like, “THAT IS SO FETCH!” LOOOL


Serena: Yea you should go up to her and be like, “OH REALLY? THAT’S SO FETCH.” HAHAHAHAHA.

19. January 19, 2012

I’m a late bitch.

Drilled for RO, Anthony kept calling shit on the wrong foot and called the cadence too fast..

Boring presentation for AoHS.

District posters for English. My group’s doing The Castro.

When I walked into Geo, I asked Jazmine where she was going and she said “Tracy”. I thought she meant Tracy Vy until Erica was like, “SHE’S LEAVING US, CHRISTINE”. And I turned around and she was still there so she gave me a hug and left. Aw. D’: Okay.

Lunch was okay. I went to get my lunch for Sin cos she wanted the goldfish but they didn’t have anymore, so I ate the lunch myself and slept on the comfy chair next to Serena and she went to sleep too.

Modern World omg.

Biology, Mr. Schlauraff called me out for sleeping. Then he called me out for looking out into space and Daveyon was like, “She always looks lost” nooo. No I don’t! I fell asleep again and Ms. Serra let the air out of her balloon on my neck and ran away when I woke up. LOL.

In Chinese class we were watching a really interesting movie and I fell asleep. LOL. Ms Liang was like, “wake up.” and I was like, “I WAS WATCHING IT I SWEAR” (no I wasn’t. LOL)

We had a meeting after school for Drum Corps. We took pictures for yearbook and stuff. I remember last time we took pictures, I was in a onesie. Omg. LOL.

Then Sin left me in the supply room and told me to watch her stuff and that she’d come back, she never came back before Ivan locked up so I just took her stuff with me, which was a pain.

What was worse was that Ivan, Serena, Kit and I had to take all of DP’s stuff out of the dungeon too. And they were drilling near the auditorium which was hella far away.

Serena looked at my grades in the RO room and I ran away.

I waited for Jerianne at the bus stop for a while after everyone left and I listened to her vent.

My mom picked us up and we stayed at Mommynem’s house for a little and ate cake. I fell asleep dropping her off too.

I feel like shit right now. I can’t stop sneezing.

But Jeffrey, Jasmine and them ugly Lincoln bitches are coming tomorrow. They’re coming Burton. Yay. AND I get to hang out with my Burton friends too. Woot. I’m hoping tomorrow’s gonna be a good day cos of that. :)

Jennifer Lawrence be hella hot in The Hunger Games though. That is all.

12. January 12, 2012.

School was pretty boring lol. I read The Hunger Games each time we had quiet time though. I luh dat book. I was thinking about what Jay said yesterday about the midnight viewing, I wanna watch it too. lol.

Oh yea, Jeffrey called me in Chinese class and I thought it was a butt call so I answered it and listened for a little and he was asking me where I was, I get out early on Wednesdays, Jeffrey, not Thursdays. lol. Then Jay took my phone and called him back and said, “NO SPEK, TAINEES” and hung up before Ms. Liang can see him.

After school we had drum corps practice and Vicky Chai and I were in front while we paraded around and I kept telling Vicky to help me lead them to Africa. LOL. Every time Ivan told us to play a certain song, I would scream it out and I heard Sin in the back screaming too LOL. Then each time he said a command, I was like, “SIIIIIIIIR!!!!!!!!!!” LOL. I started to find myself annoying though.

After practice, we had a meeting in the dungeon and I performed a spider walk trying to go out the door but Ivan wasn’t done. D:< and while he was talking, I was trying to make the Grudge sound so I was like, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” LOL. And he told everyone that the spirits were talking to me. LOL.

After the meeting, Jerianne still had DP practice so Jay, Sin and I waited for her and did random stuff. We did a bearing test on them and I went up to Stephanie, jumped because she was taller than me and she started laughing, same with Jenny, and I made the face that I usually make to Ula and they all laughed, but those were the only ones I did. LOL. Later, we waited for hecka long so I slept on the floor and felt someone kick me and they were done.

Jerianne, Sin, and I went to the bathroom and talked about Codename: Kids Next Door cos that’s who we iz. LOL.

Jerianne: That rainbow monkeys thing is like Hello Kittys for Sin, so she’s perfect for numba 3. And she’s asian. LOL. And Jay and I don’t match the looks because I’m not bald like numba 1 and Jay isn’t fat like numba 2 but I’m a leader and Jay’s good with tech stuff so it fits. LOL.


Me: Yea, I’m numba 4 because my hair covers my eyes, I’m not smart sometimes, and there was this one episode where like numba 4 and numba 2 were being rascals and numba 1 scolded them and it reminds me of how me and Jay always get yelled at for doing something stupid by you, Jerianne.


After that, we walked down to the Pho place on San Bruno and Sin, Jerianne, Amber, and I were doing shibuya roll calls. LOL. It was pretty funny. “Ginger, ginger, ginger, ginger, where yo body at?” LOL.

Then Jerianne, Sin, Jay, Kit and I ate pho and I shared with Kit cos Sin wanted me to and it was hella full making omg. Sin wanted to go to Walgreens after, I saw Athena walk out when we walked in, :O. Sin decided not to buy anything because she didn’t find ones that satisfied her and wanted to go to Target and wanted to come to Serramonte with me so we went to Jay’s house and stayed in his garage cos we were scared of his dad. But his dad ended up making us go inside his room and I showed them the Dragon Hunter 2 video. LOOOOL.

Right when we started a game of sword-only BDT vs GDT Halo 3 match, my mom came so we left and dropped off Jerianne and my mom dropped me, Sin, and Kit to Target at around 9:30 and we were looking around and stuff. At the cash register, when Sin got her plastic bag, the lady accidentally gave her hella of the little square stuff and she called it money. LOL. She gave me pieces and went like, “this is for how much I love you, one. two.” Then she went to Kit and said, “this is for how much I hate you, one. two. three” LOL. We finished chilling at Target at around 10 though. 

They wanted to walk back to my house because they didn’t wanna bother my mom so we walked around and the mall door was surprisingly open and no one was in there and I got hella scared so I made them rush to the other side LOL. We walked up and Sin was singing songs and stuff and yea.

When we got to my house, my mom asked me why I didn’t call her and stuff to pick us up and yea… lolol. We watched Codename: Kids Next Door on my computer cos I downloaded all the episodes. And we looked up the song Sin kept singing but didn’t know the title to. LOL. This is how we dooo ittt~ We wanted to see The Hunger Games trailer so we did, Katniss (or Jennifer Lawrence) is so hot. Omg. So hot. So is Josh Hutcherson as like Peeta. Omg. So hot. Peeta be lookin fresh to deeeattth. Sin thinks he’s attractive as Peeta too. LOL. Aye doe. aye. Her dad came and picked them up like 20 minutes ago so yea. :O

Pretty good day though.

Jerianne: I could get shot because I’m too good looking that they’ll get jealous and shoot me. Trust me, its happened before.


5. January 5, 2012.

Woke up late again. Whee. I woke up in a bad mood. Tuesday schedule today though. I got to school after advisory, oh gee, I’m gonna get an F.. in advisory… o-o.

Well in 1st period, I had RO. We had PT. I changed to shorts and we went to the track to do daily 7, and uh, we had to do 4 laps. I ran the whole thing without stopping, no lie. I swear I pushed myself hella hard that time. LOL. I always liked the feeling of being sore though, so its not really going to kill me later. When I finished, MSGT thought I changed my schedule but it was a wrong Christine. It was Kristina… LOL. I went inside the gym and like, sat with Fidel, Anthony, and Calvin and then Vogel opened the weight room so we all went in there, Anthony showed me this video on Euro Training, it was pretty funny though. HAHAHAHA. On the way back to the RO room, we passed by Mr. Morgan’s class and I saw Sin and mugged her. LOL.

3rd period, I had Mr. Morgan and we were preparing for our reading assignment for The Hunger Games so we had a party/role-acting party. He gave us some good food though, I GOT FUCKING HONEY STUCK IN MY HAIR LIKE THE WHOLE DAY AFTER THAT THOUGH. Bs.. My character was President Snow. That guy’s such a dick though. I felt like a pedophile playing him, “I shall keep an eye on Katniss. She is ever so…. Interesting.” It was awkward, Faith was Katniss. LOL. I HAD TO KEEP AN EYE ON FAITH? But yea, we had to share the roles and stuff and people kept picking Jackie’s character, I really liked her character though. I wanna read the book already!

Lunch, not really much happened, I gave my lunch to Sin though. Or she told me to get my lunch and give it to her, same thing.

5th period, Modern World with Mr. Moore, I FaceTimed with Tracy during quiet time and she hung up on me to FaceTime with Jason. LOL. What a bitch. <3 I actually did my work though, I picked Jaedine to be my partner. We were almost done with the questions when class ended. Lame.

7th period, Chinese with Ms. Liang. She put her computer in front of my desk so I had to keep scrolling down for her. LOL. Then she played a movie and I was hella into it even though I didn’t understand, but then I fell asleep. I don’t even know how I did. LOL. Ms. Liang woke me up by telling me to translate this one word in English. It was “I’m sorry” and Annie was helping me too but I just chose to get points off. I feel like transferring out when I like the class though..

Whoop. I went down to the dungeon and took the guidon out and practiced it, and Jay came and helped me, and Jerianne came too. In the middle of Jerianne drilling me, Sin runs up to us and goes like “THE GANG’S ALL HERE!” LOOOL. Oh god, Sin, I love you. LOL. 

There was unofficial BDT tryouts today. But Jay had to help some Drill Platoon people so I went and lead it. It was only Vicky, Joyce, and Kit, I don’t know where Elizabeth went… I taught them how to march and stuff and I marched them all the way to were Jay was even though I really suck at calling columns. I guess I’m getting better at that now though. I made them do a bearing test with Ivan and Tracy doing it for them, but they kept failing. LOL. Its okay though. I would start tripping out a little later. We went back and Jay told me to show him how they look like when I drill them. I don’t know, I felt kinda good leading it. LOL. Joyce kept calling me cute.. LOL.

Ivan locked Tracy inside the dungeon so when Tracy got out, she locked Ivan, Kit, and Elizabeth in there and her, Sin, Vicky, Joyce, and I held the door down and MJ comes and says “YOU LEFT A BLACK GUY WITH KIT AND ELIZABETH? IVAN DON’T EAT THEM!” and we let him out later and he locked Sin, Tracy and I in there and I turned off the lights. LOL. But he finally unlocked it so we all ran in the drum room and hid, Elizabeth walked in and screamed because Sin scared her. LOL.

Jerianne was finished with DP practice so me, her, Sin, Michael and Oscar went to Hawaiian Drive-In on Mission. “The dirty hawaiian” ‘who’s the dirty hawaiian?’ LOL. Michael and Oscar left like around 6:30 so Sin and I played Temple Run while Jerianne did her homework. What a good kid. Luh dah bitz. <3 At 6:50 we red robin walked to Denman and talked about black guuurls. LOL. My mom dropped Jerianne off, and Sin fell asleep right when Jerianne left, then we dropped her off.

Okay. Goodnight!