Christine Arnobit. This is my happiness, sadness, excitement, and anger in one year described in words. Witness it.

45. February 14, 2012

I woke up to Sin texting me about how she feels worse and that vibration fucking set off a huge ass fucking headache for me and I had a stomach ache too. AND my throat hurt hella badly.

Sin wasn’t going to school. So I felt the emptiness, and quietness already.

I actually went to Advisory today. Ms. Sullivan gave me soda. She made us write about who we love most. I don’t have a lover, so I wrote about my closest friends. I wrote about Sin, Jerianne, and Jay. She decided to read it to the class… but i had quite a secret about Jay in there so I was scared but this is what she read, “Dear Ms. Sullivan, I think you are the best teacher ever. I wish we could hang out sometime, Love Christine” and she was like, “okay… Christine..” and I was like, “WAIT THAT’S NOT ON THE PAPER!” LOL.

In first period, we had PT so I slept in the gym, then Calvin woke me up-ish. and Faith came so I talked to her for a bit and then went with Calvin and Anthony to the weight room and they talked about some funny shit that I forgot. LOL.

And in passing period, I asked Serena for more pills, me, Calvin, and Selena asked her. HAHAHAHAHA.

I gave the flowers to ma lovely, beautiful little valetine, Ula Fan. LOOOL.

In 3rd period, we worked on our THG tribute drawings and stuff and Faith was going loco with the perfectionist thing. LOL.

Then lunch came and I hung out with Serena and Alice and talked about my newest crush. LOL. fuck.

I was dizzy as fuck.

I felt like shitting my heart out.

We went to the RO room and Ula and her friends left and a couple minutes later, she came back with a flower pen for me. LOOL. <3 

I went outside and Jerianne paid for her Above the City Lights ticket already, WHAT THE FUCK. So Ernalyn passed by and I asked her and she said she’d pay with me for a date. 

Jerianne keeps calling Ula and Ernalyn a homie hopper because of me now. LOL.

I went home though. I ate for 5 minutes and went to sleep. When I woke up, it was 4:00 and I felt wonderful but my throat hurt hella badly. Oh well, I didn’t need it for practice so I went to school anyway.

Halfway there, I wanted to go back home -________________-..

I still went. I came at like 5:30 cos I walked so slow to the 14 stop from the samtrans that I came so late.

Jay and DP were coming my way when I got to the front of the school. I ran up to Ula and I presented her a bag that said, “box”. it was full of chocolate kisses. I was like, “Ula, I got you a box of kisses! I lurrrv yewww” LOL. I had the most terrible voice ever though. Stephanie was like, “honey are you okay?” and I was like, ….honey.. LOOL. honey im home! HAHAHAHAH. She offered to give me a ride to Brigade Ball though.

DP had a dinner thing so Jay went back to the dungeon with me and me, him, Alex, and Jerianne talked for like an hour or so and we all left. They didn’t wanna go to the game with us, (neither did I but Jerianne wanted to) and I felt like ko-ing there. But to keep me awake, I talked about something. 

My mom picked me up and we had a dance party in the car. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Holy shit. Fun.

38. February 7, 2012

Today I woke up hella early to get to school for the CAHSEE breakfast thingy. I only brought my phone, ipod and pencil with me. Oh and my beanie. When I got to school, Sin came at the same time I did, but she didn’t notice me so I ran behind her, and took Catching Fire out of her hands and she was like, “omg you’re early, you’re not late! you’re actually at school before 8!” LOL. She went to the wrong class, and I knew she did so I followed her to it. Jerianne has Morgan for Advisory so she was eating her bagels for the CAHSEE thing in there and Sin was like, “wait, my adv. teacher has it too?” and she ran to Schlauraff’s class with my beanie so I just went to Sullivan’s. LOL.

The English CAHSEE was easy to me though. I wrote about William Shakespeare for the essay. Woot. When I was done with the whole thing, I read Catching Fire on my itouch and I was almost done with it til we had to go.

When we finished, I went to the RO room and Sin went up to me and said, “I’M FINISHED WITH OUR BABY!” and I was like, “you… killed our baby!?!?!?” but she meant she was done with Catching Fire. LOL.

Then it was 7th period after lunch so I walked Sin to her Spanish class since I had Chinese right around the corner from her. I showed her this one tweet on twitter and noticed that some was deleted so it didn’t look like much so I felt like an idiot. LOL. We watched Kung Fu Dunk in Chinese. It was hella interesting. It was funny too.

After that, I chilled in the RO Room with Sin and MSGT was telling us about how he’s been friends with his closest friend for hella long, and we both were just playing Stardom while he talked. LOL. But we were listening. He was talking about how he’d never been in an argument with them and they got each other’s back and stuff and I was like, “… HOW COME WE CAN’T BE LIKE THAT, SIN?” and she was like, “BECAUSE WE CAN’T, OKAY” but I’m still proud of our friendship as if it were like MSGT’s and his friend’s. Haha.

Jerianne called Sin to go to the dungeon so we waited like 15 minutes til we went. I finished my movie in Stardom and we left. LOL. I forgot we had BDT practice though so I ran in the dungeon, while hiding behind Sin so Jay doesn’t see me but I don’t do a good job of it. LOL. I got my stick and went outside and stuff.

We finished and then I went to the supply room, took my ipod and went outside to play Stardom. I noticed someone was playing on it so I ran back inside the supply room and yelled, “WHO MADE MY CHARACTER BLACK??????” and Sin started laughing. I think I know who did it. LOL.

I went to the bathroom real quick and came back. When I was like, 10 feet away from the dungeon, I hear Jerianne yelling, “CHRISTINE. WHERE ARE YOU. WE’RE GONNA BE LATE”. I forgot we had an AoHS meeting. Sin was Jerianne’s plus one so I took Kit as my plus one.

Our mentor for AoHS is pretty cool. I snuck some brownies because Michael sir wouldn’t give us any.

Then my mom picked me, Sin, Kit, Jerianne and Angie up and when we dropped off the Lao siblings, Jerianne and Angie talked about last year and stuff they didn’t know that I knew.

Then we all went home.

Sin: Have you ever came close to arguing?

MSGT: Nope. Never.

Me: I’m jealous. LOL.

31. January 31, 2012

I realized I didn’t do this one.

Not much happened.

Ms. Liang was gonna cry… New/old chinese teacher, because Ms. Kaiser is back. Ms. Liang isn’t gone yet, but I miss her already.

After school, after BDT practice, I went to the gym cos idk where my friends went.

I saw Sin leave so I just went back in the gym.

Jerianne called me and she came too. Ivan was talking to me the whole time the game was on. He was hella funny. So was tracy. Then I moved down and sat next to Crystal Y. I fell asleep and Jerianne woke me up and decided to leave.

We went to Burger King and talked. 

Then we left.

I got the Catching Fire on iBooks. Then I started reading Matched. Too much reading.. jk. I’m so lazy now.

24. January 24, 2012

I slept at fucking 5 today. I watched RV and Journey to the Center of the Earth. And I saw the new clip thing for THG OMG.

I woke up at 8 and didn’t go to Adv.

PT today. I ran 2 laps and went into the gym and the weight room. I slept on the small cushion-on-a-stick and claimed to everyone that I was stretching. Not sleeping. LOL. After PT, I was still putting my pants on when 3rd platoon came so I gave Sin my mom’s gift to them and she gave me something awesome that I just stood there and stared at it with my mouth open LOL. 

It was this 4x6 pictures of Peeta and the Final Poster yayayyyayaya I fucking love you, Sin Lao.

yayyyy so sexi.

In 3rd period English, we had a small THG quiz and Mr. Morgan passed  by my desk and saw my pictures and he said, “that is awesome, oh by the way, I saw the war between you and Sin, and Sin posted the picture of Cato shirtless on Facebook.” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Omg, Morgan. Well we worked on our posters of the SF districts and stuff and it went into lunch time and Jerianne walked in and thought I was Annie. o-o.

At lunch, I just played Scramble.

Modern world. Eh. Fell asleep. Jay did too.

Chinese. We did a map thingy and it showed Hong Kong Disneyland so I kept going like, “DISNEYLAND!” and Jay kept telling me it was fake and I was like, “MAGIC IS NOT FAKE” and he said that magic in China is fake. LOL.

After school, I was with Jerianne and Robin reminded me that he couldn’t go to bde ball, which was a coincidence cos Ernalyn was near us and I called out to her and she came to hug me and I asked her if she had a date and she said no so I asked her. She seemed pretty happy though. lol.

Jerianne and I hung out in the dungeon for a while and Sin walked in. Jerianne left us for hella long so Sin and I were like dueling or someshit on Temple Run. LOL. Long story I don’t wanna explain it.

She had to leave and almost forgot her brother.. LOL. I talked to her until she got to the gate and went back.

I hung out with Jerianne, Jay and Angie outside the RO room though. We were looking at the pictures in the trophy case. I miss the Yosemite trip.

Jerianne and I went to McDonalds and she saw the video of Alexander Ludwig and Leven Rambin kissing. See. I told you guys. I told you Sin’s boyfriend and Jerianne’s girlfriend kissed. LOL. 

Then I told Jerianne who I had a baby crush on and she said, “you always have a crush on that same person” LOL. Whatever bitch.

My mom came and bought us food and we dropped Jerianne off.

17. January 17, 2012.

K, I didn’t go to Advisory today. I felt bad. Haha.

I’m hella fucking sick. My voice is gone, my nose is running, and my throat hurts helllllla badly. Why do I like it… LOL.

During RO, I let Serena borrow my THG book cos she forgot hers and she had Morgan. We had PT and stuff and I got lazy so I ran with Anthony, Calvin, and Fidel. Then I just talked to Selena, Nandi, and Cynthia for the rest of the period.

After that class, I chilled with Robin for a little and found my bde ball date lolol. I was like, “Man, I need a Brigade Ball date” and he went like, “What about me?” and yea, I guess I’m going to Brigade Ball with Robin.

Morgan’s class, I got SF District 5, Castro and Haight-Ashbury. We read part of THG. Faith and I passed drawing notes. They’re so cute.

At lunch time, I ate my Kimchi and gave some to Sin, she brought some spaghetti we made! LOL. I just read though. She was talking about Cato being cute. He’s hella ugly. Peeta’s cuter. Peeta be hella cute though.

Modern World, boring.

Chinese, I fell asleep and after I woke up we made this Chinese snow flake thing for Chinese New Year and I wasn’t lazy to make it.

After school, I thought there was practice but Ivan never showed up so Jay was in charge just for fun. I played the bass for parade practice but it hurt like hell and I couldn’t see what was in front of me. Dammit why am I so short.

After, Jay and I went to go watch Breakdance club. Interesting. We went back and I drilled with Drill Platoon and I had to do the “punishments” because they broke my bearing. Darrn.

Robin came and chilled with us for the first time in hella fuckin long. We all separated after DP practice ended, Robin and Jay went to eat at San Bruno and I met up Serena and Sin on Mission. It was cold as fuck though. Sin, Serena, Jerianne, Jackie, Austin, Angie, and Justin were there though. Jerianne and Jackie left early though.

Something happened that pissed me off and I refused to say bye to everyone who left before us. -.-

When we finished, all of us went to the bus stop and Serena was with Austin and Angie was with Justin so Sin and I went together and were like forever alone. LOOL. We talked about Brigade Ball and stuff. I told her about Robin lol.

Sin: Oh damn, its like you’re going with a mirror!

Me: Yup, that’s how forever alone I am. LOOOL.


We got on the 14 and Sin and I got off at Mission and Geneva and we waited for the 8x and talked about Brigade Ball again, Sin’s such a two timer. LMAO.

The 8x came and we just talked about something else the whole time. I missed my stop though -.- so I got off with Sin and decided to walk her home because it was dark and she lives in the ghetto. I didn’t want her to get jumped or anything. LOL.

-fistbump- and I left.

When I was walking, it was dead silent, then I heard someone. I thought it was someone I knew. Someone who was close to me. I heard them singing, but it was some fat black lady. I got a bit scared so I put my earphones in and listened to Lightweight - Demi Lovato because Sin got that shit stuck in my head and it makes me think of her now. Douche bag. <3

I went to Target and bought her Catching Fire ‘cos I knew she was done with The Hunger Games and wanted to read it. I texted her and she freaked out for a bit LOL til I told her I was gonna read it too. But I’ll let her read it first.


I still have Jay’s watch…

Gonna wake up early tomorrow just to give Catching Fire to her. lol.

10. January 10, 2012

I really don’t feel like doing this. lol.

Jay and I were late to school. o-o.

School was okay, I was too sleepy to care though.

After school, I went to the RO room and Sin, Oscar, and Michael sir were in there and Oscar was like, “Christine, are. you. okay. we’re here for you. okay?” and I started laughing. LOL. Idk why they ordered HBBQ so I ordered like 2 spam masubis and Sin and I went to Drum Corps practice and Jerianne went to Drill Platoon practice. lol we practiced for Lunar Parade and Vicky and Serena were in the front and they forgot where to march around so we went to the foresty place and Mark was like, “WE’RE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE” LOL. It was hella funny though. LOOOOL. Vicky was trying to give Sin’s phone to Michael sir and he was like, “SORRY GUYS” and Ivan was like, “DON’T BE SORRY, YOU’RE MICHAEL SIR.” LOOL. 

I was a bit relieved when practice was over because my knee was killing me lol. When I went outside, Oscar brought the HBBQ into the dungeon so I took my shit, ate it, and I was a bit bored so I went to go watch DP. They’re doing pretty good o-o….. Jay gave me the guidon again lol so I was like “AHHHHH, UHHH AGHUGHAUHDHHHHG” each time I did a command by myself and Ivan and Arvin were laughing at me. LOL. “UUHGHGHGHG. UGHENT. UARRHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM. URRRRRHHHHHHHHDUARURRRR ARRRMMMSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” LOOL. I’m so lame laughing at myself hahaha. I gave Ivan the guidon and ran to the dungeon and took a BDT stick and played with it. lol. Marygrace and Kailyn came and played with us. Then uh. Jay, Allan, and I went back to the dungeon and just messed with the drums. 

lol…… -shit happens- Jerianne, Sin, Jay, Kit, and I go to Jay’s house, “OHHHH, WE’RE HAVING GIRLS + CHRISTINE & JAY NIGHT!” LOOL. For a while Jerianne and Sin were watching GDT videos again. I’m getting a bit bored of those now. haaah.. After, we played Halo 3 as the gang and it was hella funny.



Jay: Did you just call it the purple afro gun….? LOL.

Jerianne: Sin, its called a needler. LOL.



Sin got so much better at that game though. LOL. Maybe its because she keeps stealing our planes and killing us with it. LMAO.

Jay: Dude, where’s Sin?



LMAO. Omg, Sin, you make me cry. LOL.

Ehh. We played like hella rounds.

Me & Jay vs. Jerianne & Sin = Boys vs. Girls.

Me & Jerianne vs. Jay & Sin = Peelipinos vs. Chineeeez people.

Me & Sin vs. Jay & Jerianne = 1boy, 1girl vs. 1boy, 1girl.

LMAO. Then we had one last free-for-all game and Jerianne won and Jay was like right behind her. 

Then I dropped the Laos and Jerianne off.

"We’re The Gang, its like, we can’t get tired of each other anymore, we hang out everyday now."

3. January 3, 2012.

I couldn’t fucking sleep. I was like, talking to Jeffrey til like 4 AM then I finally fell aslep. I woke up at 8 omg. When I got to school, it was advisory, and Ms. Sullivan was like “YOU JUST GOT TO SCHOOL? ITS 8:30” and Christian told me that if I come on time one day, she’ll give whoever came on time hot chocolate. Whatever. I on’t need that. LOL. RO was basically just nothing, I was really slepy, I fell aslep though. Calvin said my eyes were red and stuff. Haha. I thought it was Tuesday schedule, wtf? I was gonna go to Morgan’s class but I went down to AoHS. Boring. Morgan’s class was hella funny. LOL. “Everyone, stare at him, look at him, he got tanner, during Winter Break” LOOOOL. Omg, I walked into Geometry and two girls were fighting, I thought they were singing o-o. LOL. And Hajel took my phone away because Angela called me in class. Omg. I tweeted her and she started spamming my phone, going all like “HI TINTIN’S TEACHER, WASSUP TINTIN’S TEACHAA, WHERE CHRISTINE AT HI TEACHER” LOL when I got it back, I see like 7 new messages. LOL. Lunch time. Fuck yes. I went to my locker, and strangled Maggie, no just kidding I was hugging her, that bitch looks kinda different. o-o. I went to the RO room and I walked a little and I saw a girl I didn’t know running up to me, and hugging me and she was like “I MISSED YOU SO MUCH” and I was like in my head, “hold up. who is this..” then I was like stumped for a quick second “OMG SIN I MISSED YOU SO MUCH, YOU GOT CONTACTS, YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL! D’:” LOL WHOOPS. She got new engagement rings. LMAO.

The rest of my day was pretty boring. I actually did my work in Modern World. In bio, it was okay, I didn’t fall aslep. LOL. If I were an animal, I would be mayonnaise, and maybe a mermaid. Too much M’s… D: Omg Chinese Class, eh heh heh heh I cannot read that, eh heh heh heh.

We had BDT tryouts today. I don’t wanna talk about it.

I sat in the deserted corner and looked at the city lights after, I turned around and everyone was gone. So I ran to the basketball courts, “Oh my god, Christine did we lock you in the dungeon?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I laughed in my head.

We ate pho. So full making.

We went to Jay’s house. So tired. I think Jay, Sin, and I all fell aslep, til my mom came. Jay was still sleeping so Sin and I just creeped out of the room and left without saying bye. I wanted to leave him a note but she said he’ll be fine. D: Okay, goodnight. I’m tired.