Christine Arnobit. This is my happiness, sadness, excitement, and anger in one year described in words. Witness it.

46. February 15, 2012

i don’t remember what happened.

school was okay. hm.

i had practice.

jerianne sin and angie waited for me.

we went to serramonte.

my mom dropped us home.

39. February 8, 2012

Woke up again to get to school early. Plus, I had Mockingjay and Skittles for Sin, and Catching Fire for Angie. I asked Jay for his extra Mockingjay so I can read it so I had a handful. When I went to meet Sin at Schlauraff’s, she wasn’t there so I walked around the school for a bit and told Jerianne to give Catching Fire to her cousin and went back down. I waited about 5 minutes after the bell rang and gave Mockingjay and the Skittles to Faith and told her to give it to Sin and told her to tell Sin I hate her. LOL.

When I walked in to Advisory, Ms. Sullivan gave me a granola bar and I refused to eat it because it had Nick Jonas’s face on it. LOL. Then before we started the exam, I took my pants off leaving me wearing these boxers with pockets in em. LOOOOOOL.

The Math part was easy too. During the 5 minute break, I went to the bathroom and omg. When I walked out of the stall, I saw my English teacher from GWHS in freshman year, and she was like, “Hey you were one of my students at Washington last year! Why did you transfer?” and we conversed til I got to my class. I missed her though.

The rest of the math part, and then I missed a bit of bio class cos I wasn’t done yet. D:

BIO WAS SO FUN TODAY. NO JOKE. HOLY CRAP LOL. So we were talking about dominant and recessive traits, LOL. When Ms. Serra asked for volunteers, I wanted to be one but she picked Daveyon, Sin, Lawson, Timothy, and Desmond WTF WHY NOT ME. So Daveyon and Sin were Ms. Serra’s “eggs” and Lawson and Timothy were Desmond’s sperm. I called Sin the deformed egg.. LOOOL. During that, Cynthia yelled out, “SHE’S A COUGAR!!” LOOOOAOLDFODFOL FUCKING SHIT. Then after the volunteers sit down, we had to do this activity where each person in partners has to write a letter depending on the trait. I took the big B for dominant brown hair and gave the “lil B” to Felene for the not brown hair. I didn’t write my letter. I drew a bee with a little person next to it and said it was a big b and Ms. Serra said I was funny. LOL. Sin was in a different row so when Ms. Serra told us to mix traits, Sin beckoned for me and yelled, “CHRISTINEEEE HAVE SEX WITH ME” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. During the whole activity, Ms. Serra was like, “GO ON! HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER! GO GO GO MIX THOSE TRAITS” LOOOOOOOOOL. OMG. Hella funny.

After class, it was after school and Ms. Serra said we could take a flower if we wanted and Sin took hella of em. LOL. Oh yea, and she took the extra Mockingjay book so now she has two and she was like, “OKAY. WE MADE TWINS. THIS IS MY BABY TOO. OKAY?” LOOL. Shit. We went to the RO room and she and Serena wouldn’t believe me when I said I was in English Honors at wash. LOL.

Me and Sin went to the dungeon for drum corps and I tried out for toms again and so did Sin. Quite a funny audition session thing though. Unfortunately, Ivan cut the toms from CNY parade so I’m not gonna be in it. Aw. But yay! But aw. LOL.

I was waiting for Sin anyway so I practiced for BDT on my own for a bit and Andy Cai came and talked to me about guidons and stuff.

After we all finished, Sin wanted to come over to dye her hair but I was a bit iffy about it so we decided to go to Jay’s house.

Me, Sin, Kit, Jay, Michael sir, Stephanie, Jerianne, Mahorian, Jenny and Crystal all went to Quicklys to buy drinks and stuff and we walked in pairs or in threes. Sin and Kit walked with Michael, Jerianne walked with Mahorian, Jenny walked with Crystal, and I walked with Jay and Stephanie. Stephanie is fucking hilarious. LOL.

Me: Do you have a sister named Jennifer

Stephanie: She’s not my sister. She’s a bitch.

Me: Don’t call your sister a bitch.

Stephanie: SHE’S NOT MY SISTER!!!!

Jay: Oh, Jennifer blah blah blah (i forgot lol)

Stephanie: You mean, my sister Jennifer right?


We went to Walgreens to buy Sin’s hairdye and shit and Stephanie was still talking shit. She’s hella fucking funny when she does. LOOL. Then Mahorian leaves.

When we got to Jay’s house, it was fuckin stuffy as fuck in his room. Sin, Michael, and Stephanie went to the bathroom to do Sin’s hair and I played Black Ops with Jay while Jerianne, Crystal, and Jenny watch Glee… LOOOOL.

I walked over to the bathroom and watched them do some shit with her hair and stuff and when I walked back to his room, Sin pulled me in and told me to sit on the toilet so Michael can do my hair. LOOL.

Me: Catch a falling star and put it in yor~

Michael: Pussy~~~~ damn christine, you’re a pervert.


I had to hold my hair up cos we had no pin and shittt.

I forgot what happened here.

Stephanie washed my hair in the sink and I went back in and Michael was putting the dye in Sin’s hair and Jerianne and I were looking at our MySpace pictures. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHA SHE LOOKS MEXICAN. I showed them my pictures, and all of them were like, “CHRISTINE WHY WOULD YOU CUT YOUR HAIR, YOU LOOK SO PRETTY WITH LONG HAIR” and Sin goes, “YOU ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE A GIRL, YOU’RE SO PRETTY” bitch…. LOL. Then Michael does my hair and we wait a while and Sin goes and washes her hair.

I played Halo 3 with Jay, Jerianne, and michael for a while. Michael kept choking me each time I killed him. LOL.


Then Jenny leaves and Michael washes out my hair and blow dries it and the red looks brighter than I’d thought itd be. LOL. Crystal leaves.

Then my mom comes and we squeeze 6 people in the car; Stephanie, Me, Michael, Kit, Sin, Jerianne. LOL. shit. uncomfyyy. We dropped off Stephanie and Michael to school and then it was comfy. Sin took my ipod again because Serena has hers.

32. February 1, 2012

Came late to aohs and got 10 minutes of detention. I did my lab with Johnson. My arm was hurting cos of the blood pressure thing lol.

Geo was okay. I got bored and checked my Stardom. Then I checked my phone and I had like 28 new messages. oh shit! After class there was a fight and Jay, Calvin, Desmond, and I couldn’t leave the class cos they were in the way and I saw Mr. Morgan come in, along with Ms. Traverso and Mr. Callahan, and Alu, then when we got out, I saw Mr. So running through everyone and getting into that class and people were just staring at everyone that walked out of that room. o-o..

Biology we had a test. I’m pretty confident about it. I finished my homework when I finished it. Mr. Schlauraff took my iPod and pretended to hit me with it and gave it back to me. Ms. Serra talked to us about how plants can make babies.

Ms. Serra: Mendel wanted the plants to do it with the other plants so he cut off these stems.

Sin: Hoe!

Ms. Serra: Yes! Its a slut!

Class: -laughs-

Ms. Serra: IT WAS SIN!


Yea. We had Drum Corps auditions. I didn’t make bass. Idk if I was supposed to tell anyone but no ones gonna read this anyway so I didn’t make it guys! I’m a little happy though. I couldn’t even see with that thing on.

Got bored and walked around the school. Knee started hurting so I went to the RO room.

Read Catching Fire. Jay’s copy though. Technically, its Alex’s but yea.

We all left.

Sin forgot her ipod in the RO room so I let her borrow mine. And she let me borrow her Catching Fire book.

Kit, Sin, Jerianne and I were supposed to go to Wingstop.

I’m not gonna talk about what happened. -_____-

I played XBox with Jasmine and Jay.

Me: -every time someone killed me- WAAAT?


kk, i want my ipod back. so i’m gonna sleep now.

25. January 25, 2012.

What a weird day. I woke up early. Texted Ate Angeline for like 30 minutes before I got up, and I was STILL fucking late.

2nd period AoHS was quite a drag. I put my head down for almost the whole period but I didn’t sleep. After, Ms. Wright asked me if I was sleeping and I said my head was hurting and she gave me some sympathy.

Then it was geometry. I finished my project in the class. Did the work. All there was to it. Was pretty boring. I just talked to Erica the whole time lol. I asked Jay if he wanted to watch a movie next weekend. Looks like he was gonna watch it anyway. It was funny though, he was staring at me and he said, “I have a super power. I can make people look at me” and then he started at Erica for the longest time and she looked at him after like 5 minutes. LOL.

I was hella waiting for Bio the whole day.. I had no book and when I walked in, Sin was like, “WHERE’S YOUR BOOK? I NEED IT.” and I told her I was gonna steal Desmond’s. But when he came, she took it before me. Ms. Serra kept asking me where my book was lol. So when she walked away, I ran to the seat next to Sin and she was like, “noo.. Go back to your seat” and later she let me sit next to her anyway. We had this activity for the process of mitosis and it consisted of twizzlers and stuff. When we finished, she let us eat it. Everyone had two each. After eating my first one, I got tired of it. Then later, Sin makes me eat half of her second one. That shit is tooooo sweet. I can’t take it. lol. Shanika is Chinese. LOOOL.

After school, I waited for Sin so we can go to the Drum Corps meeting together and she took foreverrrr. lol. Well when we got there, Ivan said we can laugh but we can’t talk and whoever talks, everyone does 5 push ups. We kept doing push ups lol.. Where’s my harp, Ivan? I’m trying to try out for harp. Phillip and Sala Burton Orchestra! Mark said we’re Phillip and Sala Burton Choir. LOL.

So, a couple days ago, on the group wall on Facebook, I asked Ivan about the harp/triangle and Sin asked if she can play flute and turned us into the Orchestra Corps and I asked if I could sign in because I was the harp and I sent them this picture:

I hope Ivan goes on with that plan.

After that, we practiced with our desired drum outside. Tiring lol. I realized I forgot to wear my knee brace and my other knee popped. -_________-

I hung out with Angie for a little cos we couldn’t find Sin or Jerianne but we found them and they were busy.

Jay and I went to the RO room and MSGT blasted Empire State of Mind. LOL. And then I fell asleep on the comfy chair and woke up an hour later to Sin calling and texting.

They went to Serena’s house and didn’t tell me lol.

They told me to come though.

I went, and walked up Mission, up Guttenburg, and through Brunswick and slow walked because I was too tired. aldkfmlaskdfj. lol.

When I got there I just wanted to knock out. Sin, Jerianne, and Angie were there. And knocking out is exactly what I did. When I woke up, I forgot what happened. lol. I was texting Serena about what happened last night. lol. I guess I’m too nice then, eh? -__- I was playing her guitar when I realized it was untuned. I broke her A string.. oops. LOL. I fixed it though. Sin and Jerianne were getting their make up and eye brows done. It seemed like a station type of thing cos Angie was doing their eye brows and Serena was doing their make ups. LOL. At one point, when Angie was doing Jerianne’s make up, they started laughing and wouldn’t stop and Serena, Sin, and I were just like, “what are they laughing at o—o”. Then they said it was cos Sin’s expression looked like she was getting abducted by aliens HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

Tracy called me to FaceTme but I was just about to leave her house.

I went and ate pho with my mom lol,

I went home, played xbox and called Tracy back and her brother watched me play zombies with Jasmine. LOL.

I’m gonna watch more Josh Hutcherson/Alexander Ludwig movies.

18. January 18, 2012

Ugh, I woke up at like, uh. 7:20 and laid there for a while. Then I got up and went to school to give Sin the book. I’m even sicker today.

AoHS was only hell because I couldn’t breathe. Jeneca kept making me laugh though.

Geometry was hell too. I talked to Erica about Brigade Ball and stuff while we did the work. I actually get it.

OMG BIOLOGY KILL ME. Ms Serra was calling out people who improved and after she called out brianna, I couldn’t hear shit so I fell asleep and after I woke up, I took notes. Ikr, I took notes. We were set into groups and Mr. Schlauraff called it racist indirectly and told the Filipinos and the Chinese people to emerge so I couldn’t be with Lester and Jeneca, OH HELL NO. I AM CHINESE. THAT GROUP WAS SOOO DIVERSE. Sin was in the group in front of me and I asked her to eat pho with me which was ironic because Jeffrey texted me to go eat pho with them and Sin asked if we could eat at the pho place on Geneva which was pretty scary because that’s where Jeffrey asked me to go too. LOL.

After school I walked around with Jerianne and yea and when we got back to the dungeon I see all these freshmen with BDT poles and some of them want to join! I felt pretty overwhelmed though. LOOL.

I think I’m talking about Brigade Ball a lot now. LOL. Ernalyn asked me if I was going with anyone and I said yea. Apparently, she was gonna ask me. Then I felt hella bad. D:

Vicky Chai, Elizabeth, Kit and I played with the drums for a little when I took a BDT pole and Sin came and I followed her back to the RO room. I fell asleep standing up and MSGT threw keys at the wrong person. That wrong person was me. LOOL. OKAY MSGT OKAY. LOL.

Jeffrey was getting impatient so I left Sin and told her I’d come back for them lol.

I went to Reymund’s house to meet them up and they locked me out so I stuck my hand in the mailbox. LOL. 

The pho was good but I drowned mine in Sriracha so my throat was burning even more. Wasn’t a good idea. When we finished, Jeffrey didn’t wanna give the lady tip so he poured my orange juice all over the money so Jasmine was like, “NOW WE HAVE TO GIVE HER TIP!”

We all went our separate ways though. I farted on Jeffrey and Jasmine and Reymund and I left after that. LOOOOL.

When I got to school, it was hella dead and I found Serena and Tracy so we try to get into the RO room. Sin tells me they were going to McDonalds. Okay bitches!!! then she tells me they’re still at school, okay bitches!!! and when we finally get in, Angie tells me that Sin, Jerianne and Kit JUST left to find me. Okay bitches!!! I go to the basketball game and Sin yells at me and goes like, “HEY NIGGA!” OKAY BITCHES!!!!!!!! We watch the game for a while though. Robin tells me he might not get to go to Brigade Ball because its his birthday that day… So I thought, “oh.. maybe I should ask Ernalyn then” but he says he’s gonna try to make it. So I’ll see what I can do. I feel bad though.

We left to go to McDonalds. On the bus… LOL.

Sin: Jerianne, Christine and I are raising a baby. Its name is, “Catching Fire” see? Look at our baby! -holds up the book-

Me: ROFLLL. Yea, we had another baby, but it died. We named it Hunger………. OMG HUNGER I MISS YOU HUNGER!

Jerianne: What’s the last name?

Sin: Games.

Me: LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Yea we’re about to raise another baby named Mockingjay. Mocking for short. LOL.

Omg, at McDoonalds, I went straight to the table and put my head down. When I looked up, I couldn’t hear shit. I saw the three of them talking, but I couldn’t hear anything. So I just went to a hella deep ass sleep. When I woke up, Jerianne was on my phone and there was drool all over my sleeve. -.-

Then we just played Temple Run til my mom picked us up at like 8:45

Jerianne: Okay!! Just one more run and I’ll do my homework!

Sin: You’ve been saying that for hella long and you don’t!

Jerianne: I SWEAR


Jerianne: On uh.. My contacts!

Me: So if you don’t stop playing you gotta take them off!



-she keeps playing-


I dread waking up tomorrow feeling worse than how I feel now. I’m so sick.

11. January 11, 2012

We got out early today, I forgot it was block schedule lol. Well I forgot it was Wednesday.

2nd period was dry. I walked in and Ms. Wright was like, “OK, WE GOTTA GIVE HIM A FIREWORK CLAP -CLAP- FIIIIREWORK!” o—o -embarrassment- In 4th period Geo, I guess we switched seats the day I wasn’t there because I sit in front of Jazmine now. The new girl from Antioch, apparently. Haha, she’s pretty but eh. I sit by Erica and Semetra too. I like my seat. :D Erica told me to go on Mr. Hajel’s computer and go on YouTube and play Make It Nasty and minimize the window while he wasn’t looking but I opened YouTube and ran back to my desk cos I got scared so she did it and we got in trouble. LOL. Mr. Hajel said he was proud of me because I did my classwork. Yay. In 6th period Bio, I came late but I sneaked into class and I was on time. LOOOOOOL. Omg. Ms. Serra taught today though and I kept falling asleep and she hit my desk hella hard and went like, “SLEEP EARLIER AT NIGHT!” LOL. We had to do this lab where like, we had to exercise and I was Jeneca’s and Lester’s guinea pig because they didn’t wanna exercise and they made me do push-ups D’: well for the notes, I fell asleep again. LOL. Class ended though, that class felt fast o-o

After school, I put my shit away in my locker and went to the RO room and chilled with Sin and Oscar and talked about Aslan again. LOL. Then Sin and I went to the dungeon and made me hold her shit and we talked about something interesting on the way but I forgot it D:

Drum Corps practice, Allan and Ariel were in front and we were like parading around and they made us go in the most weirdest places and then into the dungeon and Ivan kept telling us to go back outside. LOL. When practice ended I was bored cos I didn’t know what to do so I took my BDT pole and slept on the floor in front of drill platoon. LOL. Then I got more bored and went inside the dungeon and I knocked out on like 3 chairs. LOL. I kept hearing people coming in and going like, “what the fuck… ok that’s not weird” LOL. Then I had the weirdest dream..

I had a dream that the dungeon turned into a kitchen and I took something out of the fridge and there was a window next to it and I looked into it and there was like 20 robots coming towards me with laser guns and at around 2:45 I woke up to basketball in the gym so that meant I heard, “BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM” and I got hella scared and ran outside and no one was there and I was about to cry when Joyce and Tracy come and go like, “what the fuck you doing” LOOL. So I went back to the drum room and Tracy wanted to sleep too so we both went to sleep and Joyce played a bell outside and I had another weird dream. D: I forgot it. I heard Tracy leave but I went back to sleep and when I woke up, it was 4:30 and Jay was poking me with a stick… LOL.

I heard Sin, Jerianne, and Michael sir in the supply room but I was scared to go in so Jay and I went out to drill with the guidon again. I was still hella sleepy though D:<

Then we went into the supply room and they had a press conference and I squeezed myself into Sin’s seat and I sat behind her but not facing her cos that’d be awkward, LOL. Michael sir left a little later though and I got pretty comfortable in that seat when Jerianne told me to go get my homework in my locker within 6 minutes so I ran hella fast to my locker and I was like dying so I laid on the floor for a good 2 minutes. LOL. Then I ran back but didn’t make it in 6 minutes so wuhevaaa. Since Sin and I had the same Bio class, we had the same Bio homework and Jerianne was tutoring us but I felt pretty slow because I wasn’t thinking about it -.-. lol.

When we finished we went to Quicklys and Jerianne bought HK. Sin and I bought fries and shared it with Jay and we had a Gang talk. After, we went to Walgreens cos my mom was gonna pick us up there at 8:30 but it was only like 7 D: so we stayed there for 20 minutes and I bought a cheese danish and Jay said we could come over. On the way there, we talked about a Gang trip across the world. Our options were something like:

1. Hawaii (wahkeeekeeeeeeeeeeee LOL)

2. Rome

3. Paris

4. Toronto

That’s it. We had other like suggestions but that’s all Jerianne listed. No Jamaica :( LOL.

We got to Jay’s house and played Halo 3 again. Oh god. lmafjasmflaksmLMLAMLDOFAFOMASDFL FUCK.

BDT vs GDT again, which means Me & Jay vs Jerianne & Sin.

We kept killing them LOL. Then I guess Jay started to get bored so he started to kill me.. LOL. Then I started to get annoyed so I killed him and Sin and Jerianne were just using teamwork to kill us while Jay and I killed each other. LOL. Then later, I went to Jerianne and Sin’s base alone and they were in the Warthog. LOOL.

Jerianne: You wanna come in, Christine?

Sin: -starts to drive and almost runs me over-




Then Jay kills them, misses me and doesn’t kill me, and doesn’t destroy the Warthog, and I drive back to them and try to pick them up but they get in the other car so I just follow them. LOOOL. 

Then my mom picks us up and we drop Sin and Jerianne home.

Numba 1, numba 2, numba 3, numba 4. :D LOL.

4. January 4, 2012.

I woke up at 8 again. I gotta stop doing that so I don’t get a referral. Haha. Ugh. I hated 2nd period. I walked in and almost everyone said, “Christine, lighten up”, “Christine, are you okay?”, “Christine, you don’t look so good”. Bro, I think I get the point when like everyone in the whole class says it. Ugh. Johnson doesn’t even talk to me, this is why I need Jeneca as my partner. Haha. 4th period, holy crap, I slept the whole class time, but I still got my work done, how epic is that? Damn. 6th period, Biology with Mr. Schalauraff and Ms. Serra, yay I’m awake. Sin comes in late. Hella late. The fuck? Worst class to come late to, girlie. We went outside and half the class had to sprint and the other half had to jog. Okay… Shit I had to sprint. Sin and Calvin’s side jogged. Tf. Yay class is over.

Sin: You were falling asleep in Schlauraff’s class, I just wanted to throw a water bottle at your head.

RO room, Sin beat my score on Temple Run. When she can’t even get that high of a score on her own ipod. LOOL.

Down to the Dungeon! Boredom. Borrreedddom. Jay handed me the guidon. Sweet. Hi guidon.. Hi. He taught me stuff. I think I’m getting better. I wanna be guidon for 91st. Haha. Took out BDT poles, Jay and I are just like, messing around and Vicky and Kit come out with BDT poles and we were reminscing by doing last year’s intro. Ahhhh good times. Good times. We made an intro. It looks pretty cool. I can’t fucking catch a stick anymore. I think dropping it at 91st threw me off haha. 

Went back into the dungeon to sleep and put my phone away because it was bothering me. I found Sin alone in there, she finished her homework. hahahaahahah. I was about to sleep, when Jay and Vicky came in. Vicky left.

Sin, Oscar, Jay, and I did guidon/platoon/company drills outside. I was a one man platoon… LOL. 

Sin and Jerianne had GDT. So Jay and I hung out with Ivan and Serena and played with the drums outside cos we were bored.

They finished. We left to HK. Jerianne reminded me of homecoming, all that nasty shit. Thanks a lot. I don’t even wanna think about it. We all got mediums and Kit got a large… LOL. Didn’t finish, Michael and Oscar left 10 minutes after they finished. We bought ice cream and stuff, I bought some like 3 times and I felt hella fat.

We went to Jay’s house and played Halo 3. That shit was so fucking funny omg. LOOOOOL “THE GANG’S ALL HERE~” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG. 

Me: Dude, stop beating us, I have a handicapped teammate here!!!



Dude omg. My phone kept annoying me for reasons. I’m about to be Amish to that shit too. -.- I swear, this shit is lame.

Jerianne: Omg my hammer, finally, my baby!

Me: Thats MY baby!!!

Jay: -kills Jerianne- 

Jerianne: OMG MY BABY. 


-Everyone’s all in one spot killing each other, surprisingly Sin was pwning-

I loved the last match because I was in a Ghost pushing Jerianne and Sin while they were in a Warthog and Jay comes out of nowhere and uses the Power Hammer to whack us all off the cliff with our vehicles and he won. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. omg.

Then we played Black Ops. Jay and I kept owning Sin and Jerianne. 





Jerianne wants me to add this. What a bitch. <3. JERIANNE BEAT MINE, JAY’S, AND SIN’S ASS IN GENERAL IN FREE-FOR-ALL.

Well I’m not gonna go into more detail. Let’s just say that was the best part of my day.